Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Our Journey Begins

On December 17th, 2009, our middle son, Ryan, was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  And until you have been diagnosed or know someone close to you that has been diagnosed, you have no idea the life changes that the diagnosis involves . . . at least that’s how it was with us.  One day you’re squirting leftover gingerbread house icing in the mouth of your little ones and the next you are counting out Doritos for lunches for this new constant carb diet.   Desperate to find hope and encouragement from anyone and anywhere, I, Ryan’s momma, have decided to blog our journey desiring to be a light of hope in the blanketing darkness that overtakes you when faced with shots, glucose checks and the highs & lows of the disease.  Visit often and find encouragement and triumph in our walk through Ryan’s journey, a journey that belongs to all five of us, as we discover how to glorify God in the midst of hardship and trials.  There IS hope . . . it’s just often too hard to find . . . and I pray you find it here.


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  1. mary kruszynski said:

    Amy & Jason,
    God bless for your outreach to others. You have so much to deal with. I pray each day for Ryan, but I also pray for you guys as well. Making choices for one’s self is one thing but teaching our children how to grow and thrive while coping with diabetes is a whole new ballgame. Jesus said many times that His grace is sufficient and it really is. Love you guys.

    • I can’t even begin to explain the encouragment you have been to me through all this . . . always the best, Mary K. I so love you and miss you. Will hopefully see you in August . . . Timmy’s gettin’ married!!

  2. Steve Sharp said:

    Hi Ryan,

    Just wanted you to know that we love you and are praying for you. God is very near you during this difficult time and you will see His kindness in ways that others may never be able to see.

    We trust that His joy will be your joy. And always thank the Lord for such great parents that He has given to you.

    Your worship pastor,

    Steve Sharp

    • I have to tell you that I read your post to Ryan tonight. He giggled outloud and said, “He said ‘hi’ to me!” What a great encouragment that was to him AND to me!!

  3. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    Amy, what an AMAZING testimony you will have through this outreach. You have such a beautiful way with words–always clear, focused, and touchingly tender!! Such an encouragement this will be to others but also a way for you to understand your own feelings–highs and lows!
    God bless you ALL every moment of EVERY day!

    Hey, Ryan!! You probably don’t remember me, but I know you and your WONDERFUL family!! You are SO blessed to have so many people who love you and take such good care of you. There are probably some times that you don’t understand what you’re feeling, but God knows; and He is giving you lots and LOTS of people to care for you and support you.
    Love and prayers,
    Ms. Teresa; A.B.T.

    • Thank you for reminding me of prayers that God up for us, for Ryan, in Missouri. You never can have too many friends. And thank you for your faithful friendship over the years. You ALWAYS encourage me.

  4. lois harder said:

    Tina Connolly sent your site to me my daughter Tori was dianosed with Type 1 Diabetes on Dec. 20th, 2009 I know what you are going through it is very tough. One day everyting is like you said making cookies next thing were counting out Dorito chips. I have to take her lunch to school everyday because she is such a picky eater. She turned 11 Jan. 27th she had lost down to 69 lbs but now is doing great. God is our strength and he will get us through this. Tori also at the age of 5 lost her right eye from a accident she has a prothesis, But God has protected her and I feel he has a very special plan for Tori. Our prayers for your son and all the family. My husbands brother has lived with this diease for 34 years. We hope in May they will start considering the pump. Hope all is going good for ya’ll Sincerely Lois Harder

  5. Lois, I pray that you visit the site often and I am so thankful that Tina shared our blog with you. We are just getting started but we have high hopes and plans for how this will best minister and benefit others. We also wanted a place to share our story and give people an opportunity to tell us a little bit about theirs. Sometimes in the sharing is where you find the most comfort. Ryan was diagnosed just three days before Tori. What a God-story to connect with you.

  6. lois harder said:

    Yes I know maybe the 2 of them can become friends on facebook, I wished Tori could could connect with other children with the diease so she can see she is not alone. I knew in my heart that she had it I prayed and prayed when i took her to the doctor they ran test and told us they would have the results on Monday, but she was getting so weak, and my brother in-law came by the house that sat. and we had him do a finger stick it was over
    600 scared us to death anyway they sent us by ambulance to OU medical center, they were shocked that we got her there in time before she went into coma, but we were fortanate to know some about the diease and the symtons, they told us within 6 hours it would have been bad she had been running avg over 400 for 3 months. There telling us she is going through a honeymoon phase right now which makes it difficult at times.

  7. Barb Johnson said:

    As a parent, you just want any and all hardship to be given to you-to bear for your child (ren). But God has a plan and HE will surely use this time of TESTing to strngthen Ryan’s TESTimony in living a life of obedience and walking in victory, sometimes weeping, yet always walking forward and trusting a GOD that has never failed us yet.
    EVERYONE needs a blue bracelet!! Increase and educate on Juvenile Diabetes!
    We love each of you so much! Grateful for this venue of journaling and communication.
    Mrs. B and Mr T. Johnson

    • Thank you for faithfuly reading my blog, even in its baby stages, and and for loving my boys and Jason and me. What an awesome prayer warrior and parent in the Lord you are to all of us. Love you much!

  8. Sally B. said:


    You are not alone. Many stand behind you ready to cheer/encourage/cry/support/pray for and with you on this journey.

    Sally B.

    • Thank you, Sally, we don’t what we’d do without our church family, our REAL LIFE class and friends like you. AND your turkey chili is awesome!! 😉

  9. Michael Fatheree said:

    You guys are such a gift from God. We never know why things happen the way they do or for what reason these things take place, but I know HE does. I know God will use this to bring such blessings to you and the unlimited number of people that will have access to your blog. I have worked with and treated serveral patients over the last 14 years that have had diabetes and the ones with the best medical outcomes and great lives are the ones that embrace it and manage it vs. letting it manage them.

    I also have an older brother that has been diagnosed with Diabetes and he has to take insulin every day. God bless you and your family and if there is anything that our family can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask.
    I look forward to hearing how God is working through your journey, because I know HE doesn’t make any mistakes. He is definitely in control.

    We love you guys and I have prayed for Ryan ever since he gave me that blue reminder bracelet.

    Mike Fatheree

    • What a precious encouragement, Mike! We so love you guys and are so thankful to have you in our lives as friends and support. Will be praying for your brother too as we know first hand the struggle diabetes can be at times. Ryan so loves you, loves aggrevating you about being a Saints fan, even though they did beat our Colts! 🙂

  10. Samantha Jewell said:

    You are loved and prayed for daily. Even though we haven’t seen each other in years, your family is important to me and I worry about you all. It is not wondering if God can, remember…but that he WILL bring you through all this for his purpose.

    Your words on the blog are touching and I know it will truly touch someones heart in need. Everyone has their “trials” and you have left a testimony of what Love, God and family mean.

    I am here for you any way I can.

    MANY happy days to come. Don’t be discouraged.

    Love ya!

    • Sam, you are evidence of the fact that the friendships we make in our childhood can turn out to be meaningful, lifelong friendships that transcend time and distance. I am forever thankful for facebook for reconnecting with precious people like you. Your prayers are appreciated and your encouragment is wonderful and your positive perspective on life is contagious. Love you so much for that!!

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