Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease


Husband. Daddy. Provider. Manager. Facilitator. Friend.  These are some of his titles and responsibilities.  He is an amazing man.  He’s my foil, my opposite.  He completes me.  He loves me.  He is an amazing Dad, completely hands on and focused on three boys.  He is a relatively quiet man.  Only uses words he needs and not a single word more.   Perhaps that is partly because he is in management and deals with customers (usually disgruntled ones) and employees and talks all day at work . . . but mostly that’s just who he is.  He loves the Lord.  He wants his family in church.  He teaches by example whether it be in the work place or here at home with the boys.   He is interested in the meat and potatoes of the gospel and what matters.  He doesn’t sweat the small stuff.  He facilitates a small group at church because he has a burden for young families who are getting caught up and lost in the madness, stresses and busyness of life.  Connections and a solid group of friends are important to him.  He is an incredible provider, our sole provider, which I know is very stressful a lot of the time.  I have been an at home mom since February 2003.  As a result, we haven’t always “had” but staying home is a sacrifice we make for the boys and a responsibility Jason chooses to take on.  He is a Service Manager at a Volkswagen dealership.  He is well liked and respected by those under him and others in management above him.  He enjoys playing pool.  His favorite computer game is Bejeweled Blitz.  He is addicted to coffee, whether hot, iced or frozen.  He misses the east coast, his family who lives there and Maryland seafood.  He loves music and taught himself how to play bass guitar.  He is obsessed with politics and watches conservative political shows like a lot of women watch soap operas (they are dvr’d and watched daily if at all possible).  He enjoys reading.   His favorite show is “The Office.”  But I would say his favorite thing is just to be with the four of us . . . spending time together.


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  1. Rosie Pedroza said:

    I pray for your family, and know that God has such a great plan for you. You know that you are not alone on this journey. By the way, if I were younger, and not married, I would probably ask if Jason had a younger brother! Love Ya!

    • JASON LEDERER said:

      Rosie, I do have a younger brother, but he has recently gotten engaged. He isn’t as good looking as me either : )

      • Rosie Pedroza said:

        Well, if he is not as good looking as you, he just would not have even been in the running!

    • I know you pray for us . . . I know you pray for me and have been such a great encouragment to me . . . I know I can depend on you! Love you!

  2. Cyndi Obregon said:

    Amy, what a lovely family you have, the Lord has blessed you with three handsome boys and a husband that loves his family. I pray for you all that this road that has been so bumpy at the start will even out soon. I know it’s a road of ups and downs; but with you having the Lord in your heart the downs won’t be the bottom! Love you!

  3. Barb Johnson said:

    WOW- What a tribute to a great guy of God! He reminds me of my son-in-law, who possesses same character qualities; striving to be men after God’s own heart.
    We love you and your family like ours! Jason and I may co-author a book in the future.
    All my love,
    Mrs. B and my Mr. Tom “Terrific”

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