Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease


I am unspeakably thankful for my God and my salvation . . . without which I would be nothing.  I am crazy in love with a man who more than tolerates my moods, but loves the adventure of them (boy have I been blessed with that). He is my best friend, my moral compass and I value his relationship and opinion more than anyone else’s.  I am mother to three boys: Ethan “my joy,” Ryan “my miracle” and Aaron “my bonus.” I am forever amazed, exhausted, in stitches and truly blessed that God entrusted me with these most precious gifts. My most sincere desire is to raise them to be real men who love the Lord, understand priorities and live life to their fullest potential.  I spoil myself with strong coffee and dark chocolate . . . my expanding hips are proof of that.  I am a people person. I love to talk, laugh, email, facebook and be on the phone. I need people connection.  “Friend” is not a word I use lightly. Friendship is not a noun, it is an action verb. God has blessed with some incredible people I call friends. They know me without me having to explain. I can be myself with them, flaws and all, without fear of judgment. They laugh at my shortcomings and teach me how to laugh at them too. I have a precious few that finish my sentences, know what I think without words, pray for me on a regular basis, pray with me, & share the most intimate, vulnerable moments.  One of my most sincere passions is writing. One day I will write a book or two, even if no one buys it. It’s the best way of expression and release for me.  I LOVE to talk about heaven. All four of my grandparents are there, my four miscarried babies are there and countless others who have touched my life in one way or another that I long to hug and sit and have that perfect cup of coffee.  I still love to cradle my boys and sing to them. The first lullaby song I ever sang to Ethan was “Cradle Song” by Sandi Patti. Then I graduated to “Baby Mine” by Bette Middler in Beaches. And lately, it’s been “My Sweet, My Lovely” by Plumb. But for some reason, they all three ever so often ask for “Baby Mine.” As silly as it sounds, NFL football is almost a passion of mine. I LOVE football season!!! I don’t know if it’s about bleeding blue for the Colts, despising the Dallas Cowboys or loving the trash-talk and competition with my family (Jay, Dad, Missy and Mike). But I LOVE football season.  Nothing gives me peace more than singing . . . there is a praise song or love song to describe every mood, emotion, thought or feeling. But particularly in my spiritual walk, singing gives me that “peace that passes understanding” when I cannot seem to find the words to pray. I consider it a most precious gift from the Lord that I try to give back to him over and over in my life.  My most favorite, all-time, sappy movie is “Pride and Prejudice.” I understand Elizabeth, every aspect of her character, and married my Mr. Darcy! Yes, I am still very much a girl!!!!!!!!!!  My husband is convinced that God didn’t give me a girl because I couldn’t live/share my household with another female!


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  1. Missy Bersuch said:

    You forgot to talk about how strong you are….so, I will do it for you! :0) You have never backed down from any challenge life throws at you, and this will be no different. Even in the times where you didn’t feel like it, that is the moment where you were the strongest. Because you are a fighter! You and Jason starting this blog and fan group is just a reflection of how you face your challenges–head-on! And that gives me the confidence knowing that Ryan will not only live his life with diabetes, but live it to the fullest because he has that same fight in him. Thanks for being an encourager! I love you!

    • I am so very thankful that I can not only call you my sister, but my friend. You always know when I’m freaking out and know how to help me find my balance. I love the way you see me and give me that extra boost to get through the hardest of days. I love you and am so proud of you. You are the best! Oh, and I have four boxes of whales, graham crackers and peanut butter crackers that need to be counted out and put into snack baggies . . . where are you!?!?!? 😉

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