Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Our Diabetic Family

Ryan is the only member of our family that has Type 1, but don’t you ever think for one second that he is the only one who lives with diabetes.  I can remember vividly while in the hospital in those early moments in total fear of how Ethan and Aaron were going to react to these changes . . . if Ryan was going to have to have his diet changed, we all were going to do it.  But the other two didn’t NEED to do this.  How would they feel about Ryan?  Would they resent him?  How would they feel about me and all the times they were going to hear “no” in the next several weeks as we adjusted?  I feared this could really hurt my family. 

After a two day stay in the hospital and more education in those two days than four years worth of college, we came home.  I was so ready for all of us to be together, but so anxious at the same time.  Nana, who had been keeping the boys, brought Ethan and Aaron to the house.  The first thing we did was give Ryan a bath  . . . hospitals are full of germs and he hadn’t bathed for two days.  Ryan was sad and a little nervous too, I think.  After the bath, it was time for our first 15 carb snack at home.  We decided to check his sugar.  So, standing in the master bathroom, where Ryan bathed, Ryan had his sugar tested.  Ethan, God love that 10 year old boy, asked Ryan what the pokes felt like.  Ryan said, “I want to take Ethan’s sugar.”  So he did.  Then Ry decided he wanted to test everyone’s sugar.  Aaron was not so excited.  He cried through the whole thing; it made Ryan laugh.  Sad for Aaron, but it was good to see Ryan laughing, and Aaron survived.  Then, Ryan poked Daddy, Nana, and Mom.  It was good.  It was a bonding moment.  And I cried.  It was in that moment that I realized, we WERE all in this together . . . and we were going to be able to do this, with no resentment, no anger towards me and it was all going to be okay.  Doesn’t mean this has been an easy road . . . but we are all on the SAME road headed in the SAME direction . . . looking up to God often and holding on to each other.


Comments on: "Our Diabetic Family" (2)

  1. Tommy's Mommy said:

    Loved the part about giving him a bath after the hospital stay. I’m a nurse and I know all about germy hospitals. When Tommy was dx. the first thing I did was ask his nurse for disinfectant wipes and spent an hour (midnight to 1 am)wiping down every surface in his room. I think it was the only thing I felt I could control at the time. It sounds like you have a wonderful family!

    • My newest friend who understands what I write before I even “blog” it! You are certainly a God-send. I am so excited about our new friendship and support I know we can and are going to be for each other. Sure wish I had thought of the disinfectant wipes during our dx hospital stay. Will make mental note if there is ever a “next time.” Our first night between midnight and 1 am I was eating a Whataburger combo meal because I couldn’t bear the thought of eating all those carbs in front of Ryan, so I waited until he was settled and sleeping. Look forward to phone chatting soon!

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