Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Aaron Elijah

Aaron is “our bonus” and our comic relief.  I recently had a friend describe the three boys this way . . . “Ethan and Ryan are brothers.  Aaron is an only child.”  He often thinks that way.  He stays in his own world and is content to be in it alone.  He loves to make people laugh.  When he talks, he sounds like a cartoon character.  His mind works faster than his mouth and he wants to talk quicker than the words come to his mind.  Creates a lot of “um, um, um, um” said with lightening speed.  He has a great tolerance level, but when he has reached his limit . . . look out . . . he’ll come up swinging.  His favorite thing right now is computer games.  I am amazed at how well he maneuvers around the net from one kids sight to the next.  He loves his sleep.  When he is tired, he is not the kid who fights it; he just lies down and goes to sleep.  And he sleeps in, which makes him Momma’s favorite.  😉  He loves to stay in his pajamas all day and loves to stay at home.  He won’t ride a bike with training wheels.  He has no interest in it.  Instead he loves to be on his red tricycle that is only good for children 3 and under.  He looks so funny on it, but he doesn’t care.  He loves Sunday School, Mission Friends, Children’s Choir and Awana, and affectionately calls them all “my class.”  He has not asked Jesus into his heart yet, but has recently started asking a few questions.  He’s so not there, but I love that his mind is trying to work it all out.  He is the only one of the three that really can’t carry a tune ~ AT ALL!  But he is so happy when he sings!  He still loves his favorite stuffed animal and “ducky blanket” (that doesn’t have a ducky on it?!?!?!).


Comments on: "Aaron Elijah" (2)

  1. Barb Johnson said:

    What I most admire about your 3 are the CHARACTER QUALITIES in which you describe them, not just the physician features. They are all 3 grounded in Christ as you and J continue to lay the spiritual foundation, the ROCK on which your home is built!
    Reading this made me just want to come get those Lederer boys 3 and love on them as only a grandma can. Writing from your heart makes the word pictures so clear that God has sent you all to Texas to continue molding and making you all in His image.
    I am old and still feel like the clay as THE POTTER does what only HE can do.
    Your boys are a reflection of THE BLESSINGS our Lord gives us as we wait on Him.
    Love the journaling-
    mrs. b.

  2. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    Atta boy, Aaron; you just keep making a “JOYFUL NOISE” for Jesus!!!!

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