Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Ethan Jason

Our amazing oldest boy!  Ethan is a great big brother and he takes a lot of pride in that.  He’s an “A” honor roll student.  He made All-District Honor Choir.  And we just found out he is one of six fourth graders at his school to score high enough on an IQ test to be screened for the gifted and talented program for fifth grade.  He just got his own cell phone and LOVES to text.  He’s our socialite . . . makes friends easily and loves to be around people.  One of his favorite things to talk about is heaven; he knows he has four brothers and/or sisters there (we had four miscarriages before having Ryan).  He’s into long, shaggy hair and knit skater hats.  HeLOVES his bike and playing ball with his daddy.  We are signing him up for a Kung Fu class this week to see if he has any interest in martial arts.  He already has girls calling and knocking on our door.  Reading is something he does on his own that he likes to do.  His favorite movies are action figure or old comic book movies and anything Star Wars.  Something most people don’t know about E is that he has a great interest in musicals.  He has recently discovered “The Sound of Music” and “Annie.”   But what I am most proud of with Ethan is his heart.  He asked Jesus to come into his heart when he was five, about two months after Ryan was born.  And after he said his prayer and Jason was going over what he had done and asking him questions about it, his biggest concern was Ryan.  “What if something happens to Ryan before he gets saved?”  Forever being the protective big brother and caring unashamedly.  He is so sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.  And he is miserable if someone is upset with him and he can’t fix it.  He really has a desire to do what’s right, to be pleasing to others and to the Lord.  But I think most importantly, Ethan is his Momma’s Boy!


Comments on: "Ethan Jason" (2)

  1. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    Ethan, how BLESSED your family is to have YOU as their firstborn son!! Your love and concern for others will always be a strong testimony of Jesus’s GREAT love for the world!

  2. joyce pich said:

    we too have lost babies..so the ones you have are even that more special…and yours sure is…

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