Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Ryan Edward

Ryan is our diabetic child, diagnosed in December 2009, but there is so much more to Ryan than diabetes ~ let me introduce you . . .

Ryan is very literally “our miracle.”  Few have ever been prayed for more than for Ryan.  Jason and I, our family, our church family our friends, my dad’s students . . . we literally prayed this little boy into existence.  We had four miscarriages in two years longing for that second child.  And boy was he ever loved and spoiled when he got here.  And the one who spoiled him most . . . his big brother, Ethan.  Consequently, perhaps Ryan’s most favorite person is Ethan; he wants to be just like him ~ and he is.  This little boy is crazy smart, completely lovable and has the cutest dimple on his left cheek that you have ever seen.  He loves to laugh.  He also has taken a huge interest in food and cooking; his favorite thing to make is meatloaf!   He just started reading a few months ago and is incredible at it.  He’s a tad bit on the bossy side, but that’s because he’s a perfectionist.  He is incredibly sensitive to the feelings of others.  He embarasses easily and when he gets embarassed, it’ll break your heart.  At four years old, Ryan asked Jesus to come into his heart and save him.  It’s a great story I will have to share in it’s entirity some other time, but this little boy was determined and convicted.  When I’m down or upset or just having a bad day, I can usually find Ryan cleaning off my bathroom counter or making my bed or trying to do the dishes.  When I ask him what he’s doing, he replies, “Cleaning up so you can be happy.”  I don’t know that it reflects well on me as a mother or housekeeper, but it sure does tell you a lot about his little servants heart.  But, don’t get me wrong . . . he’s strong willed and can argue with the best of them, but I think the tenderness far outweighs the stubbornness — most days!


Comments on: "Ryan Edward" (2)

  1. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    HEY, RYAN!!
    Maybe you’ll grow-up to be a television chef to help people learn how to cook wonderfully YUMMY foods that are more healthy for diabetics!!!

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