Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Glucose Game

I will have to write all about Ryan’s school nurse some time; she’s absolutely incredible!  Here’s a preview . . .

When she began testing Ryan’s sugar and giving him shots, she started a game with him.  She had him start guessing his blood sugars before she tested it.  She wanted him to begin to listen to his body and guess the number based on how he was feeling.  What a great idea for teaching him how to detect lows and highs and when he was good!  So every day, Ryan began guessing.  At some point, Ryan asked the nurse to start putting in a guess too and see who was the closest.  It has become something that Ryan actually enjoys, and the secretary has gotten in on the fun too because Ryan walks past her every time he goes to the nurse.  They are both absolutely awesome with Ryan. 

A few weeks ago, I went up to eat lunch with Ryan.  While I was signing in, the secretary told me she was trying to change her number and she yelled back “150,” but no one was listening to her.  She told me Ryan asked her to guess his sugar and she said 115, but when she heard “chatty Cathy” back there bouncing around, she said she needed to up her number.  About that time Ryan came out told her she was wrong . . . it was 144.  She pleaded and said she was trying to change her number to 150, but Ryan would have nothing of it, giggling the whole time.

Yesterday, this is the email I received from the nurse:

“His blood sugar was 122. He did bring his supplies to me.  Thank you.  We are getting good in the office guessing his sugar. His guess  was 120, my guess was 123, [the secretary] guessed 122.”

What a HUGE blessing these ladies are to me and my boy!


Comments on: "Glucose Game" (1)

  1. Barb Johnson said:

    Thank you Jesus, for placing wonderful school nurses and school ‘servants” into the path of this precious child of God.
    Keep writing so we can best know how to pray.
    love you.
    mrs. b.

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