Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Give Yourself a Break

As a mom of an insulin dependent diabetic, I know what it’s like to feel you are exhausted and desperately in need of a break from pokes, shots and carb counting; then, at the same time feel that there is no way you can leave your baby (no matter what age he/she is) in someone else’s care so you can have a break.  Being a mom is hard!  I understand, too, that there is also the issue of who you would leave them with, trust to care properly for the little one and be WILLING to give pokes and shots.  But I will tell you first hand, DO IT IF YOU CAN!

It’s been three months since diagnosis.   And I am often at the point of total and complete exhaustion, not just of body, but of mind!  The boys have spring break next week.  And my mom lives  a little over an hour away.  She has always taken the boys to spend the night on breaks and for fun weekends.  And so I thought that it was time to hand Ryan and the other two to mom and let me and Jason have some much needed rest and adult time.  It’s been great so far!  We slept in until 10:30 and are going out to eat later and maybe just walk around the mall or something.  And Ryan is doing great, having fun and loving time with mom and dad.  It’s a win, win for us all!!!

So I say . . . if  you can, GIVE YOURSELF A BREAK from diabetes for a bit with no guilt and no worry and just have some time to yourself or with your spouse.  You won’t be sorry you did!!!


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