Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Well, as you know, the boys have been at my mom and dad’s since Friday afternoon other than a short time on Sunday when they went to a friend’s party (then we took them back to the grandparents).  It’s been heavenly.  Jason and I have slept in, gone to dinner, watched a few movies, and just had some peace and quiet time together.  Today I did some cleaning uninterrupted . . . don’t mind housework so much and project housework like rearranging furniture when I don’t have to stop and be cook or referee or nurse. It’s a nice change of pace.  I love my husband and love time alone with him . . . and it was much needed. 

As for Ryan and his friend, Diabetes . . . let’s just say mom has gotten a little dose of the craziness of highs and lows.  It’s good on-the-job training!  All went well until last night.  At bedtime, he was 61.  Anything under 70 is a low for Ryan.  Mom called and got to practice our 15 & 15 rule.  Fifteen quick carbs and recheck in fifteen minutes.  So, he had some juice and rechecked fifteen minutes later and he was 142.  So he had his nighttime insulin, snack and went to bed.  I have to admit, I was a little frazzled.  At the party we went to yesterday afternoon, he had cake and it was around dinner time.  I was worried between the cake and the sugary juice he just had for his low, that he’d crash and be too low again in the night.  So, mom, being the trooper that she is, got up at 3am and checked his sugar again.  She got a good dose of checking his sugar in the night half asleep.  She said she got up and just about the time she was going to check his sugar, it went dark.  Dad got up to use the bathroom and closed the door which was her light to see.  Then she sat down on the edge of the air matress the boys were sleeping on and it catapulted herbackwards off the bed and she hit her head on the dresser. After the stars went away, she took his sugar and it was 124.  She texted me; then I breathed a sigh of relief, said three words outloud, “Thank you, Lord,” and drifted back off to sleepland . . . and stayed there until 11am!

Tonight, she took his sugar before bed and it was 286.  Well, for those of you who don’t know, this is yucky!  He has to not only have his long acting Lantus (the insulin that works for 24 hours) but also have a Humalog shot using the sliding scale to counteract the high sugar.  Yes, TWO SHOTS!  We haven’t had to do that since about three weeks or so after diagnosis.  So, I had mom give him a shot on one leg and at the same time Ethan give him a shot on the other.  Ryan was a little nervous, so I stayed with him on the phone while he got his shots.  They all three did just super.  I heard Ryan say, “1-2-3” and a little pause and then he said, “1 (pause) 2 (pause) 3 (pause) 4 (pause) 5.”  We have a little system that I’m sure many adopt.  He is in control of when the shot goes in.  He always counts to three then we give the shot and push the plunger.  Then he counts to five while we hold the shot in the skin to allow the insulin to go in well and not follow the needle out.  When it was over, I asked him how it was.  “Good.”  Is he not one of the bravest little boys you know?  And not to mention my big boy, Ethan, who willingly has learned to care for him and give shots.  And Nana who is doing so good and makes him feel secure in all this sugar maddness. 

Their time with Nana and Pop has been great.  They only miss me “a little.”


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  1. I can NOT wait to meet your boys. I’m just sayin’….

  2. So i’m just going to tell you……this post made me cry a little.

    Ryan is such a brave little guy in the mist of so much uncertainty. And Ethan! Wow, his heart never ceases to amaze me.
    You have truly been blessed with 3 amazing little boys.

    Glad you have been able to have some alone time with Jay and that your parents are so amazing to not only keep the boys for you but to really be the support for Ryan as well.

    Love you and miss you!

  3. It has been a real learning experience with me and Pop! My initial goal was to be confident in giving him shots, and learning how to give him the right carbs at the right time and keeping him on a schedule (my kids as babies were never on a real tight feeding schedule because of our lifestyle…so this was all new to me). My second goal was to give Amy some much needed rest and for Amy and Jason to have some relaxed time together (Jason has had a rough few weeks at work). Other than having the breath scared out of me a couple of times I have enjoyed SO much having the boys and I am so thankful that Ryan is doing so well:) God has watched over him and ‘everyone that sees him (Ryan) wants to know him, and everyone one that knows him always wears a smile!’
    Kudos to Jason, Amy, Ethan, RYAN and Aaron!!!

    • Thanks for watching them mom. It’s been great to have some alone time with Amy and I know the boys love being there too!

  4. Tommy's Mommy said:

    What awesome parents you have Amy! I laughed at the air mattress visual! So great you’ve had some time to yourself. It is truly refreshing to be able to trust someone else and relinquish control for a little while. I’ve had a wk-end away, but we haven’t yet both left him and had time to ourselves. Hopefully soon!

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