Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

The boys are back!

Well, mom brought the boys back today.  YEA!! (I think.)  No, I missed them.  But I can tell you that it wasn’t just the break that was needed, it was the TIME with my man.  We both have been so mind exhausted.  Jason doing constant research trying to better understand the disease, progress on the cure, how to use a pump and omnipod, different kinds of glucometers and such; and I have concentrated on the day to day, diet, carb counting, school and school nurse, helping Ryan adjust at school, helping the other two adjust to new routines.  We have really been a team working together to give shots and treat sugars and take sugars.  But somehow we tended to lose the “Jason and Amy” time.  I so love my husband and he really loves me.  And we needed the five days to just be us and enjoy one another. 

Three months ago today,  our lives forever changed with Ryan’s diagnosis.  Wow.  When I think of it that way, it makes me a little proud of how far we have come.  Three months ago, I sat in the hospital, weeping and holding Ryan’s hand while he slept and thought, “God in heaven . . . how are we going to do this!”  That first month was a bear!  No, not just a bear, it was a bear that was 20 feet tall, had three heads and a pitch-fork shaped tongue that held 100 syringes in one hand and a giant poker in another . . . and it constantly laughed at us that it was going to win and have control.  We HAD really hard days, sleepless nights with flickers of hope in tiny moments where Ryan showed so much bravery.  Now, I think that in a normal day, we have pretty good days, sleep most nights and hard moments here and there.  It’s not normal yet, but we are making good progress.  I am so thankful for that.  So very thankful. 

I wr0te on a  group wall for diabetic parents on facebook a few days back.  I was trying to connect with a lady who had a child diagnosed the same time Ryan was. Sometimes connections are the best form of encouragment.   Another lady commented to the wall post and shared a word with us . . . and she wrote:

” . . . Amy, our daughter was dx’d 7yrs ago. I PROMISE you it gets easier. Eventually it will not feels so all consuming. My daughter is now 15 and it is just a part of life. Remember, they have diabetes, diabetes doesn’t have them.”

Some of the best encouragment I have heard in three months!  Ever so greatful for this lady reading and taking the time to comment and encourage a complete stranger.  I love what she said . . . And we are trying to live that.


Comments on: "The boys are back!" (2)

  1. I’m thankful for the days we had with the boys and she was right. It was proved (in MY mind, anyway) that Ryan has diabetes, diabetes doesn’t have him! What a miracle he is! Love you “5”:)

  2. Barb Johnson said:

    I know it was a difficult three months=but WOW…Look at you all now.
    God gets the GLORY….even in the rain.
    love you so,
    mrs. b

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