Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease


I was wandering around reading discussion boards on different facebook diabetes groups and received a comment on a thread that I had started wanting to know about different things people do to stay positive in the day to day of diabetes.  Here was a reply that I found to be incredible, and I have discussed this with the sweet lady about sharing with you.  Here is a glimpse of her story . . .

“I am in my first year of being mom of a daughter diagnosed with type 1. She is 18 so I am not facing the day to day struggles like many of you with younger kids. But I want to share that this is unfolding as a healing thing for her and us. She has struggled with the school and friends and embracing her life for years. When she developed diabetes last summer, it seemed like one more complication in a life that seemed already complicated. I felt torn up inside. Felt so heavy for her looking out ahead. She was heading off to college far away. How was she going to manage? But what has happened is that she has discovered some core of strength and resilience that we knew was there but that she didn’t trust in herself. She has embraced her health- and her life- in a new way. Who would have thought that this disease would have brought about something I’ve always wanted for my daughter? Don’t want to make light of any part of this, but am learning how difficult things can bring unexpected good. Hope this is something you experience too. . hang in there!”

This lady was a complete stranger.  She did not know about our facebook group nor this blog.  I was so amazed that she not only used the word “embrace” once but twice.  It’s amazing the immediate connection I felt with her. 

She is right; diabetes is certainly nothing to make light of and even harder to be thankful for.  But even in the midst of it, we can see some positive things to embrace and make us better. 

So thankful for momma’s of diabetic children like these who are willing to share their story and reach out to a complete stranger.  You are a blessing, Lady!


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