Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

I went to my oldest, non-diabetic boy’s All-District choir clinic and rehearsal today at the local high school as a chaperone. I was responsible for bathroom breaks and lunchtime. Just making sure that the 15 from our school sat together, got everything they needed, went to recess and made it back in the auditorium on time. I thoroughly loved my day . . . listening to them sing, watching Ethan interact with other fourth graders and being completly amazed at the choir clinician; she was totally awesome.

About 15 minutes before lunch, the other mom’s and I went on ahead, steaking claim on tables for the kiddos from our school and putting lunches out on them. Drinks were brought in by other moms. We were given instructions: (1) line them up, (2) get a squirt of anti-bacterial soap and (3) go get a SODA out of the coolers and go eat. I opened the coolers to see what they had to drink. Coke, Mr. Pibb, Sprite and Root Beer . . . great selection. Then all of the sudden, I reminded myself to make a mental note! “Be sure Ryan always takes a diet soda or Coke Zero on school trips like these.” It’s not fair to be upset with these moms for giving them regular soda. It was a special day ~ being there was a priviledge. And not one of these children has type 1 diabetes. But it made me think a little differently. I thought in the mode of a diabetic mom, even when my Ryan wasn’t with me. It really is 24/7 . . . really always on my mind.

BUT . . . I was so VERY proud of my Ethan today. He has a beautiful voice, a beautiful personality and simply just a beautiful boy. We will celebrate him tonight when we attend the concert. His choir teacher told me he has been chosen to be Willy Wonka in the end of the year musical. Isn’t that amazing!?!?! I’m sure I’ll be bragging about him again after May 13! Be looking for it!


Comments on: "They only had REGULAR soda" (4)

  1. Barb Johnson said:

    OKay- NOW you have me wanting to attend his choir concert rather than the DALLAS SYMPHONY!!
    I don’t adore and love any one person in the Dallas Symphony like I do your brood…soooo…next time, let us know when and where to be, especially for the WILLY WONKA event…we love doing life with you and your guys.
    YES- E does have an incredible voice…where in the world does he get that from??!! hmmmm,…that would be his Mom, of course!
    love and hugs,
    mrs. b.

  2. Amy
    I am so proud for you and Ethan, the lead role of
    Willy Wonka, wow! You will always remember these times even when it is Ethan’s little ones playing the role.
    You are a great mother.
    Betty S

  3. I wish I could hear him sing in the choir and of course play willy wonka:)! It will be good seeing you guys soon! Miss yas!

  4. way to go, Ethan. God has given you a beautiful vouce-what a gift!

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