Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Aaron’s Question . . .

I know I have already posted today (don’t forget to read the previous post), but I was lovin’ on Aaron, my non-diabetic four year old and remembered something he asked the last time we were at the grocery store.  It was just Aaron and me; the other two were in school.  Sitting in the back of the cart while I was trying to concentrate and get shopping finished as quickly as possible while his little non-stop motor mouth was running in overdrive . . . he saw a box of bakery glazed donuts.  I don’t even see that stuff anymore, like selective hearing but with vision . . . I don’t see things at the grocery store that are 900 carbs each.  But in mid-sentence Aaron stopped talking; the quiet caught my attention.  As I’m pushing past the donuts he had his eyes locked upon with his head turning slowly not to lose them in his line of vision, he asked, “Does Ryan have enough carbs for those donuts?”  Don’t ya just love it!  He sees food, something sugary, sweet, fatting & lovely,  and thinks of Ryan.  But here’s the best part:  I just quietly said no and kept on going, trying not to make a big deal of it.  Do you know what Aaron’s response was?  “Ok.”  That’s all he said.  It was sugar sweet donuts, he doesn’t have diabetes and Ryan wasn’t even with us, and his contented, no argument answer was “OK.”  And then he continued with his story right where he left off and his words didn’t stop coming until  . . . well, never!  Do I have some amazing boys, or what?


Comments on: "Aaron’s Question . . ." (3)

  1. He’s conscious of Ry’s carbs, but will not hesitate to punch him in the nose if he feels it is justified!!! Your boys are amazing!

  2. Yes, your boys are pretty amazing, all four of them. So are you!
    That is pretty awesome for Aaron to be thinking that way as young as he is and as much as he loves sweets!

  3. Shayne Young said:

    LOL…..That is soooo cute. Yes you DO have amazing boys!

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