Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

The Black Bunny

Isn't that the most awesome pear-shaped bunny you've every seen!?!?!

Well, Ethan wasn’t our only star at the “Celebrate the Art” festival for our school district.  His art teacher chose a crayon drawing to be entered into the competition.  It was amazing.  It was bright and colorful, very precise lines and patterns witha large black bunny in the middle.  We took pictures of it and made such a big deal . . . because it was a big deal.

He found out today that he won 2nd place in all of kindergarten drawings entered.  There are 7 or 8 elementary schools.  I thought that was pretty good.  He doesn’t see it as a big deal today, but maybe he will one day soon. 

On the diabetes side, I goofed last night.  On Sunday nights, Jason and I facilitate a small group in a home in our church that meets at someone’s home.  All three of the boys have programs at church from 4:30p – 7:00p, so they eat a sack lunch for dinner around 6:00p. Ethan takes Ryan’s sugar and gives him a shot before they have dinner at church.  He called last night during the small group time.  I was facilitating; Jason took the call and said he’d be right back.  I got his bag together with all his diabetes goodies, but failed to put a pen tip in the bag for the insulin pen . . . he couldn’t get the shot.  So Jay ran home then back to church to give the shot so Ryan could eat.  He was sitting outside the room, most were already done eating and he was waiting for Jason . . . not exactly the happiest camper in the world.   Needless to say, he wasn’t the only one upset; I just couldn’t believe I’d forgotten.  Poor baby.  I apologized to him after we got home last night about foregtting.  He said, “That’s alright, Mom, we all make mistakes sometimes.”  I guess he got over being upset once he got food in his belly!  Typical man . . . amazing boy.


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  1. Sorry you had to go through that stress! I know that was scary to Ryan, Ethan, Jason and you:( But God took care of all of you and that was just another lesson learned. You can say once again…Ry has diabetes…diabetes doesn’t have him!

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