Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

His Praying Angel

I received a surprise on Wedneday night when I went to the choir loft for practice.  Sitting in my seat was a small white post office box addressed to Ryan Lederer.  I opened the box and inside was a teal and white flannel, handmade blanket that said “God loves me” all over it.  I was moved to tears.  Someone in my church loves my little diabetic boy so much and prays for him often wanted him to know anonymously that they were going to the Lord on his behalf for him.  In the bottom of the box was this note:

“Dear Ryan,

I made this blanket just for you.  While I made this blanket I prayed for you.  When you see or use the blanket remember that God loves you, and God will never leave you no matter what happens to you.  Also remember I’m always praying for you. 

Love, Your Praying Angel”

I am so blessed to be a part of a church, that not only prays, but lets my little five year old know they are praying for him!  Thank you, Praying Angel, for being a blessing to me and my little boy . . . I love you.


Comments on: "His Praying Angel" (2)

  1. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    God IS GOOD–ALL THE TIME!!! He touches our lives in SO many ways every day! Your “praying angel” is just another beautiful example of that! HAPPY EASTER to ALL of you! Love and prayers!!!

  2. Lorraine said:

    Awesome! I love this.

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