Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Well, we survived our first Easter.  I have to say that I was a bit anxious about Easter egg hunting and if Ryan, or the other two, would miss candy and chocolate filled Easter baskets.  The reality of it set in when Ryan brought home a note from school asking parents to fill 12 Easter eggs with candy or small prizes for an Easter egg hunt.  But I took a deep breath and decided not to fret over it, just to cross that bridge when I got there . . . and filled 12 eggs with cute little fun erasers and sent them to school with Ryan. 

I started with Easter baskets.  I bought fun plastic carrying totes in different colors for the boys and filled them with fun stuff:  flip flops, farting puddy (a boy favorite), sling shots with soft balls for ammo, hacky sacks, water guns, mini monster trucks, tech decks, flavored chap stick, etc.  They loved it and didn’t say a single word about it missing candy.  Battle number one . . . VICTORY!!!

Second was our traditional Easter egg hunt.  Well, what helped so much was that my nieces were in from out of town.  Distractions are always bonus!!  But I got 5 packs of twelve eggs so each niece and the boys could get twelve eggs each.  Then I went shopping.  I bought sixlets, smarties, sugar free reese’s mini peanut butter cups, sugar free gummies and Dum Dums.  I filled 10 of the eggs up with roughly 10 carbs of candy in each.  Then I filled an egg with stickers and another with change equalling $1.  Just for information purposes:

  • Sixlets are 5 carbs per little pre-packaged tube
  • Smarties are 6 carbs per roll
  • Sugar Free Reese’s Minis are 5 carbs each
  • Sugar Free Gummies are 5 carbs for five
  • Dum Dums are 6.5 carbs each

We numbered the eggs 1-5 (12 eggs with #1, 12 eggs with #2, etc).  Aaron is the baby (4 yrs), so he was to find only eggs with #1 on them.  Ryan is next (5 yrs) and he was to find #2, and so on and so forth.  So, naturally, we hid Morgan’s #5 eggs in harder places than Aaron’s #1 eggs.  It was much more fun than I thought it would be and we had a blast.   Battle number two . . . VICTORY again!

So it can be done.  We had a diabetic friendly holiday, a holiday that centers so much around candy, and all the boys were content and happy.  And, of course, we focused on the real reason for the special day . . . THE RESURRECTION OF JESUS!!


Comments on: "Our First Easter after Diagnosis" (2)

  1. Amy, you did a great job and the Easter egg hunt actually lasted longer than I thought (you and Missy hid them well) and ALL five kids had a great time and Ryan did great through all of it! Kudos to Amy and Ryan!

  2. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    Such a clever and persistent “mommy!” How blessed the boys are!! (Even that lazy, game-playing husband of yours!!! HA!)
    My son-in-law got creative this year, too! He put old keys, nuts & bolts, screws, & pieces of chain in some of our grandsons’ Easter eggs! You should have heard the boys when they started opening the eggs! I “cracked-up”!!!!!!!

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