Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

We have been working for over three months now on a “new normal.”  I’m just wondering if things can become too normal where it becomes dangerous in our diabetic world. 

This weekend, Jason and I both had a sister in from out of town:   Jay’s sister & her boyfriend came in from Maryland and my sister & her two girls came in from Missouri.  Needless to say, our schedule became flexible at best.  Routine is key for maintaining diabetes.  But in our Lederer stubbornness, we vary off by miles on special days or occasions.  Sugars stayed in pretty good range for our long three day weekend.  But I goofed . . . TWICE!

Satuday night we were trying to get the boys and my two nieces showered and in bed for our big Easter Sunday morning at church.  They were up later than usual, and with an additional five people in the house that evening, things were just a bit crazy!  I remembered right at bedtime that I had not made cupcakes for tomorrow (for a dessert, I make cupcakes and top them with cool whip instead of icing . . . more diabetic friendly).  But when Missy went to mix the batter, I realized I was out of cupcake liners; so off to the store went Jason.  I decided to put the boys to bed.  They brushed their teethe, kissed everyone goodnight, I carried Aaron upstairs (who had already zonked out on the couch), prayed with Ryan, got the big kids settled in the hide-a-bed  and walked downstairs to resume conversation with Missy in the kitchen.  A little bit later, Jason walked in the door, and I began bragging about already having the boys in bed, tucked in, and said prayers.  About that time, Ryan bolted out of his room and yelled downstairs, “Mom, I didn’t have my shot and bedtime snack!”  All shots are important in diabetes, but the bedtime shot is his long acting insulin that works for 24 hours and the bedtime snack contains carbs that sustain him all night while he sleeps so he doesn’t run low.  And I had simply forgotten.  Now, who said that habits form in 21 days?  It’s been over 100 days now and I just forgot.  So, I apologized to him and gave him his shot, he ate his nighttime snack and drifted off to never, never land and all was just fine.

The very next night, Jason’s sis & boyfriend had flown back to Maryland, so my mom & dad joined the house for the evening.  Things were a little more crazy in the house with the kiddos given it was Easter and they did get some candy and the fact that the cousins were to leave in the morning.   It was getting late and we were going to watch the end of Extreme Home Makeover that we had recorded.  The kids were getting pjs on and we were waiting on someone to finish something before we started the dvr and Jason decided to drop a movie off at Blockbuster while we were waiting.  I decided to give Ryan his nighttime shot and snack then too.  Ryan asked for strawberries as part of his snack (since we give 15 carbs and a protein at nighttime; the protein helps sustain the carbs).  I got the strawberries out to wash and cut the stems off and then stopped to give Ryan his shot.  After I gave the shot, I told him to sit with Nana while I got the strawberries ready.  About 30 minutes later, I noticed Ryan sitting up alseep next to my mom on the couch.  I started to bend over to carry him upstairs to bed and looked in the kitchen and saw the strawberries still in the container sitting in their container on the kitchen counter.  Tonight, I remembered the shot, but forgot the snack . . . Aaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!  So I cleaned the strawberries, put a little cool whip on the side to dip them and gave them to mom to feed to Ryan while he was half asleep.  His sugar was good, on the higher side of his range and I made a judgment call (maybe not the best).  But I decided I wasn’t going to force him to eat protein on top of it too.  He was so tired, and it was so sad.  He didn’t cry; he wasn’t awake enough to cry. But I hated it.  I wasn’t frustrated that he had diabetes; I was frustrated that I couldn’t get my head on straight.  Then I prayed that God would make the strawberry carbs last him all night long. 

Sugar was 113 then next morning . . . praise the Lord!  So I guess for us all, routine is always best so I don’t forget his regiment.


Comments on: "Is there a “Too Normal” in diabetes?" (1)

  1. Tommy's Mommy said:

    Hey, we have definitely been there and made similar “mistakes” we’re only human, good thing God isn’t. We now use yogurt squeezers and vitamin type shakes with a lot of protein when he has fallen asleep without snack or is low at night, it used to be battle, but he now does great drinking with a straw at night.

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