Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Exciting News

I was sitting at dinner and my mom called.  She asked if I had seen the news.  I hadn’t even seen anything that wasn’t animated on tv all day, much less the news!  She said that in Alberta, Canada researchers have developed a nanno vaccine that prevents and REVERSES Type 1 Diabetes in mice.  They are in the process to begin human trials.  We only nearly 4 months into life with T1 diabetes and I’m so ready for this cure.  I understand that it is a STEP in the right direction . . . but what a step it is!!!  And we are so thankful for it.  If you want to read about it, here is the link . . .


I watched Ethan and Ryan walk across the street to the neighbors house to ride to school this morning.  I was once again amazed at my boys . . . just simply in the gift from God and that they are mine.  I noticed that they walked just alike.  Ryan is such a mini-me of Ethan.  Then I noticed their back packs.  Ryan has a powder blue Eddie Baur diabetes back pack that on the small outside pocket says, “I have diabetes” and gives a place for medical information; it was a gift from a fellow diabetic when Ryan was in the hospital at the onset of diagnosis; it’s precious to him.  Then I noticed Ethan’s back pack . . . a royal blue with JDRF written in white on the outside.  He’s carried it for over three months to school.  He’s proud of it.  My mom said that we could buy a patch to cover it and I even followed through with that and asked him what he wanted.  He decided he didn’t want one at all.  I guess he figures that he wears a blue jelly bracelet for Ryan, why not carry a blue JDRF back pack.  (smile . . . sniff, sniff . . . smile)

But would’t it be awesome if someday soon Ethan didn’t need to wear blue for Ryan anymore because his diabetes was no more?  We shall see . . . praying for that cure more than ever.  Will you pray with me?


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  1. Through my tears I see the picture of them in my minds eye and love “watching.” In my heart I believe after a cure is found, Ethan will still want to wear blue to tell others “My little brother had juvenile diabetes…but he was CURED!” What a day that will be!

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