Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Taking Care of Himself


For the Awarness board, I wanted to get pics of the daily regiment of Ryan’s sugar and shot routine.  I told him I wanted to take pics and he gladly abliged.  I so want him to take ownership of how important (although a huge pain) it is for him to take good care of his little body so as he gets older it will be second nature to him.  I am totally convinced that at this stage of the game, it is so much harder us as parents to watch him have to go through what he does.  He thinks so little of what all he has to do right now.  Sure he gets weary and tired sometimes, but he is so easly redirected at this point.  And I know there might be a day where he rebels and grows very weary of the external help his body needs to not just thrive but survive.  So as much as humanly possible, we want him to hear positive from us.  To show that it’s a team family effort.  To show him he is special, not different or less.  To remind him that he is “fearfully and wonderfully made” and he should be proud of who he is, of what he has and not be ashamed of it.  I realize we are just at the beginning and the road is long and winding and we will experience highs and lows physically, mentally and emotionally.  But I am proud of who he is, who he is becoming and am constantly amazed at his courage and bravery.  Life is full of hard times and disappointments and we want him to be asured of the fact that we, as a family, and with God, are going to be successful and flourish and rise above whatever comes our way . . . and Diabetes is simply along for the ride!


Comments on: "Taking Care of Himself" (2)

  1. Wonder where he learned “courage” and “bravery”??? Love, Mom

  2. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    Oh, Ryan! What a wonderfully determined and brave boy you are!!! I just love your mama’s statement that, “Ryan has diabetes, but it doesn’t have him!!” Such a fantastic attitude to have! Together with your family and God you will fight this!!! So many people are praying for you and cheering for you every day!!
    Ms. Teresa

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