Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Tuesday was crazy, to say the least!  Ryan’s bg has been out of range the last day and a half.  He woke yesterday morning at 197 and that is really high for morning because he is usually between 100-115.  Then at lunch, the nurse emailed (as she always does) and it was 189.  Well, I guess I should be content with the consistency.  At 12:30 (just an hour and a half later), the nurse called and Ryan went in to her and said he was feeling yucky . . . bg was 61.  So, I told her to give the juice, test in 15 minutes and give me a call.  Fifteen minutes later, the call came and it was 139.  Good.  But before she got off the phone, she said that while they were waiting to test again, Ethan came in with a bump on his head from recess.  I didn’t think much of it . . . until he got home.  I could see his hair sticking out a little on the side of his head.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that it was as big as a golf ball!  He said he was playing kickball, was chasing the ball and looking behind him to see if the guy had gotten to base and WHAM!  He ran into a pole.  All I could do, because I am a compassionate mother, is laugh.  The image that I had in my head was Tom & Jerry.  When they’d run into a pole, their arms and feet would go straight out parallel with the ground and they’d be frozenly planted to the pole for a second, then slide down the pole as a huge bump grew on the top of their head.  I giggled (trying to stifle it) so much in the car while Ethan was telling Jason, that Aaron got mad and said, “Effan, you know mom’s laughing at you!”  Ethan understands his mom has a sick sense of humor and wasn’t offended.  He laughs at me when I fall, so it’s all good.  A few hours later, Jason and I were in the bedroom and I heard Aaron and his hurt cry.  I hurried around the corner of the steps and found Aaron on the floor at the bottom of the steps crying and holding his foot.  I asked him what happened and through his tears, he said, “I was walking down the steps WITH MY EYES CLOSED and fell.”  Yep, you guessed it, I again laughed.  Then I made sure he could walk on his foot.  So, my day was full with stresses . . . highs then a low, golfball size knot on the head, chosen blindness and a fall down the steps and all the other things in the day to day.  Whew, I was so ready for bed!  BUT they were all protected!  Could have bene much worse.  Could have been three separate trips to the emergency room . . . so I’m thankful. 

Now to really focus and work on Ryan’s sugar!  He Jason Saturday night how long it’s been since he’s had diabetes.   Jason said almost four months (since diagnosis).  And he said, “That’s all?  Feels like it’s been forever.”  Made me sad; I know the feeling.


Comments on: "Sometimes You’ve Just Got To Laugh" (1)

  1. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    OH, AMY!!! Isn’t it about time for your folks to take the boys again?!?!? 😉

    Hang in there, dear one!! You have God on your side!!

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