Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Four Months Today

Two days before diagnosis; notice his eyes and how he is struggling just to smile.

Four months ago today, I called and made an appointment with the doctor for Ryan. Jason and I were sick with concern over the drastic personality changes in Ryan and thought the other symptoms (appetite changes, sleep habits, irritibility, etc) were all secondary symptoms of some sort of emotional disorder/illness.

Four months ago today, I went to Ryan’s Christmas party at school. I walked to his table where he was sitting and got on my knees next to him and put my arm around him. He barely acknowledged my presence, eyes half open, little movement, unengaged in the excitement of Christmas one week away. I loved on him, asked if he was okay . . . he just nodded yes and starred off into space. His teacher came to me, I’m sure noticing I was teary eyed, and said, this has gradually become who Ryan is in class. Disengaged and no energy, like his arms weigh 50 pounds each. She shared her concern in his drastic changes.

Four months ago today, I sat in a doctors office while a pediatrician told me my son was “very sick” and I must get him to Children’s Medical “immediately.” Children’s wanted to pick him up in an ambulance and I begged to take him and pick Jason up on the way. She said his sugar was too high for the meter to read, that his ketones were greater than 1000 and that he was on the virge of diabetic shock and coma. It was the first time I had ever really heard the term “Type 1 Diabetes.”

Four months ago today, I sat in an emergency room with my little boy on a hospital bed, Jason, mom and my other two boys sitting in the room when I heard that we would be spending a few days in the hospital getting Ryan’s sugar down, flushing ketones out of his system and being educated on how to care for our T1 child with multiple daily shots, multiple blood glucose checks (involving finger pokes) and constant carb counting. We would also learn what to do in an emergency situation if his sugar should drop too low and he should have a seizure or lose consciousness. We also learned that his ketones (described to us as poisonous acids) were so high that there would be a battery of testing to show any damage to his kidneys, liver or heart which they prepared us was very likely.

Four months ago today . . . in the midst of fear and chaos . . . God protected our little boy from major organ damage. Doctors came in and said his A1C was greater than 14, but were completely amazed and said it made no medical sense at all that there was NO major organ damage; but it did make miracle sense.

Four months ago today was the beginning of life changes for our family. Changes in diet, schedule, sleeping, traditions (because it did come the week of Christmas and I HAD to change some traditions to avoid the sugar) and more, and we made them for Ryan’s optimum health.          

Easter; not the greatest pic, but accurately demonstrates Ryan's happy nature coming through again.

Had someone told me that we would be this far down the road, this much adjusted in just four months, I would have simply told them they were crazy. Yes, it’s still a 24/7 disease. Yes, I still get that sick feeling the pit of my stomach when I think about my son and that he has a disease. Yes, I still have my bad days and stuggles. But we have found a normal. We, as a family, have not changed . . . we have just figured out how to take diabetes along for the ride. And Ryan, he is back to the happy-go-lucky, active, happy, carefree self he was last summer and early fall.

When I think of four months ago today . . . I have so much to be thankful for.


Comments on: "Four Months Today" (7)

  1. I am so proud of you, Jason and the three beautiful grandsons you have given your Mom and I. God has been good even when we may have doubted. Ryan has proven to be a brave little man. But then he came from good stock in Jason and you. I love you all more than I can say.


  2. I am so proud of you, as individuals and as a family. God has definitely had His hand on you these last four months and know He will ‘pave-the-way’ for your future. I love you and am so proud of Ryan. That’s why I say “Everyone who sees him wants to know him and everyone who knows him always wears a smile!”

  3. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    Your “sharing of yourself” is always so refreshing and inspiring! Your faith is amazing. Thank you for being willing to “put-yourself-out-there” to uplift others who struggle with diabetes or just with “life-in-general!”

  4. WOW what a change in the pictures! I’m glad that you are all adjusting well. After 5 years…. I still have my bad days! 🙂 You are doing a fantastic job! Don’t forget, you are not alone in this journey 🙂

    • You have no idea how much comfort there is in “Don’t forget, you are not alone in this journey.” You are a GREAT encourager to me. 🙂

  5. I am so thankful that God protected Ryan all of that time. He is still a God of miracles! So glad, too, that you and Jason are such good parents, that you pretty much diagnosed him yourselves, and that he was diagnosed by a doctor and taken care of so that he could be the Ryan he use to be and the Ryan he was meant to be. You are all special to God and to all of us who love you. Much love, Mom

  6. yall r such great parents:):):)

    WE LOVE U RYAN:):):)::):):):):):):):):)

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