Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

It’s been a whole week since I have posted anything. Life has been crazy busy the last few weeks and will continue to be so until the end of the school year, perhaps. Between Jason’s promotion at work and him putting in more hours in the transition, a Bible study that I facilitated, making my first wedding cake, singing in the wedding and in a Mother’s Day quartet, working with Ethan and props and costume for Willy Wonka, juggling schedules with Kung Fu, doctors appointments and other church responsibilities and keeping up with the dailies like laundry, housework and taking care of the boys . . . life, like I am so sure for everyone else in April and May, is pretty hectic. Have never been so excited for the summer!!

With all the madness, Diabetes has to come along as well. Ryan’s sugars, despite all the craziness, have stayed pretty level. But in the last few weeks or so we have hit a bit of a resistance level from him. Resistance probably isn’t the right word. It’s more like reality is setting in that this doesn’t just go away. He has asked if he can skip bedtime snacks, not do his shots, occasionally doesn’t willingly carry his backpack when we go somewhere and just gets a little frustrated with the routine at times. It doesn’t help that in the busyness of everything else that there have been a few times that I have sat down to eat with Jason working late and forgotten to do his shot until Ethan or Ryan reminds me. I guess that just goes to show it’s all still pretty new.

We do a lot of lovin’ and reminding him that he’s healthy now, unlike the weeks prior to diagnosis and that he feels so good and that he is sleeping all night long. The reminder of sleep often gets things good for him pretty quickly. He was so thankful for sleep after he started on the insulin. The child was getting up either to use the bathroom or awakened by horrible “sweats” or bad dreams probably caused by his little body fighting lows or wondering aimlessly around the house, almost like a sleepwalk fighting either highs or lows . . . only God knows!  Again, we are so thankful for His protection during those weeks prior.

This week we will focus on maintaining good sugars as next week, we will go see the endo and have another A1C test. Why is it that I feel like a student who has studied but not feeling quite prepared for that semester exam? I know there is no pass or fail with A1C, it just gives us a good measure to know how best to take care of Ryan. But I guess as a parent of one so young, his health is completely dependent on us. AND I WANT A GOOD GRADE!  Something under 7.5 would make me very happy. I can see what his average sugar is on his meter . . . but we don’t have a CGM and only test about 4-6 times a day. I don’t know how his sugar spikes in the middle of the night or if it drops low unless there is a reason to check in the night (not feeling well or too low to go to bed, etc). Plus, I always wonder how closely the meter reads are between our glucometer at home and the blood test. Oh, I’m not going to worry about the 20th today . . . the appointment’s not until next week . . . I’m just sayin’.

Today, I will be glad that over the last 8 reads, three of them have been 111. We like that number here. And it makes Ryan smile. So if you think of Ryan . . . Pray for 111. 🙂

Have a great Monday!!


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  1. Barb Johnson said:

    In awe of you. your talents, your skill sets for Motherhood and your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in deed and song. Thank you for remembering me yesterday for Mother’s Day as a “Meadows’ momma” to you and your family.
    Thank you for the gift of YOU and your offerings to the Lord in giving and sacrifice for others. Much love, mrs. b.

  2. Oh, don’t feel bad about forgetting the shots. I was apparently so tired just this morning, I forgot to bolus Audrey for her breakfast. That and we are out of routine for the week because I am taking my oldest daughter to school this week since car pool is out of town for the week. I felt (feel) horrible when I check her at 10 am and saw 436! Um WHAT THE…yep then it hit me.

    We have our endocrin appointment on Friday. Here is to hoping for good A1C but I’m sure they will be higher then last time and it should be interesting because she has to have her 1st blood draw since her diagnosis. At least in the hospital she was sick and couldn’t fight it…I think we will be in for a “fight”.

    Praying that your week gets a little less hectic and your sons numbers stay normal!

  3. Sitting here looking at my blue bracelet and just prayed for 111.

  4. Nana (mom) said:

    I was just wondering what spiritual significance 111 would have, if any, in scripture. We know 5 is the number of “grace” and 7 is “completion/perfection” so I did a little digging. One is the number of “beginning” or “one”. Maybe this is the beginning of his pancreas becoming dormant , or the beginning of someone finding a cure. He is the one we should continually ask God to keep under His umbrella of protection! We can whisper “111” anywhere, anytime…and God will hear! Love you guys.

  5. I hear you on the A1C report card…everytime I take my girls to see the Endo I wonder if we will get a good grade this time 🙂

    As far as your son and his resistance and frustration, I have been there too. Miss E has had some days where everytime I go to give her a shot or test her blood sugar she cries and tells me she doesn’t want diabetes anymore, it’s hard for me to see her like that but I can totally understand her frustration. I just wish we could make it all go away, our kids are going through so much with this disease.

    Hugs to you and I will be hoping you see a lot more of that “111” on your meter.

  6. Emily Palmisano said:

    Amy, I’m really enjoying your blog. It is really educational – I never knew how much work it is to be a T1 child and family until I read this. My cousin has T1 diabetes, but even so, I just really had no idea! From a nursing perspective, we test the sugar, give the shot, consider the diet, provide education, and all that, but it must be so different to live with this, day in and day out, for you and the boys and Jason. And not only to live with it, but to EMBRACE it! You are doing such a great job! And what a blessing that you continue to see how God has sustained and provided for your family. Looking forward to seeing you all this summer – can’t wait!!! Love, Emily

  7. Admiring the anon a punctually and effort you present into your blog and detailed information you make available! I resolve bookmark your blog and have my children stay up here often. Thumbs up!

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