Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

This will be a shorter post today.  Ryan is five.  Exercise is vital to a T1er and as he gets older, we will be sure to put him in organized sports or something like that to keep exercise consistant.  But for now, like I said, he is five AND he is a boy and activity just comes naturally in our house with three . . . oh, excuse me, FOUR boys counting my hubby!  Ryan loves swimming, riding bikes, playing soccer and kickball and just plain running around. 

Right before Ryan’s diagnosis, we purchased an elliptical machine second hand.  I need to work on my girlish figure and it’s good for Jason’s back.  Well, as Ryan was learning about numbers and target ranges, he quickly learned that if he was over 250 at bedtime that he had to have two shots . . . one of his normal long acting Lantus and then would have to have sliding scale of Humalog.  He HATED numbers over 250.  One day, completely on his own, I took his sugar and it was over 300 (we had a lot of over 300 reads at the beginning which was a huge improvement compared to his 535 at diagnosis).  One day he said, “I’m going to get on the elliptical.”  And there he went and worked for over 10 minutes, worked hard and fast like at a running pace.  His sugar came down under 150 by the next read.  Now I don’t know that 10 min. of running brought his sugar down over 150 points, but Ryan made a connection.  Very often when his sugar is too high, he will walk away from me and go to the elliptical.  Once in the night, I took his sugar and he woke up very groggy (usually doesn’t wake up anymore) and it was in the 280s.  Sweet boy asked if he needed to get on the elliptical.  I kissed him on the forehead and said no and stayed until he went back to sleep. 

So even though we don’t have an organized sport or anything, he gets lots of exercise.  Often my oldest will encourage him to exercise or play outside if his sugar is high without mentioning diabetes or high bgs, he just simply looks at me and then says, “Hey, Ry, wanna go out and ride bikes with me?”


Comments on: "Diabetes Blog Week ~ Let’s Get Moving" (4)

  1. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    Amy, you and your family are SO blessed with the love, care, and sensitivity your boys show to each other!!

  2. That’s funny that he hops on the elliptical.

    Once at school my daughter had a high blood sugar and when I talked with the asst principal I said that she had PE next and the running around would help.

    Well he forgot that they had an assembly thus no PE.

    He had her jump on the trampoline that they use for therapy for 10 minutes and lo and behold, her blood sugar came right down!

    We may have to start employing that method.

  3. Melanie Ward said:

    I love that Ethan has Ryan’s back and shows such care and compassion toward him. He is a sweetheart and an incredible big bro. And Ryan bless his heart with the things he says and does to help bring his sugar down. Often brings tears to my eyes. Love those boys!

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