Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

We haven’t reached that 365th day yet . . . so I suppose I’ll start at our beginning . . .

D-Day December 17, 2009

Valentine's Day Party at School (I'm holding my breath and praying the whole time)

Medical I.D. bracelet and we purchased JFRF Bracelets to match him.

He still sleeps in his Children's Medical Scrubs Pjs

Second Place District Celebrate the Arts Festival

Blanket from anonymous "Praying Angel" encouraging him in his Diabetic journey

He takes his own sugar

Ryan's Drawer in the Kitchen

Our First Awareness Table

Ryan's insulin pens (Humalog and Lantus)

His Bubbles Meter

Big brother helping

Despite it all, STILL a happy boy!


Comments on: "Diabetes Blog Week ~ Diabetes 365" (4)

  1. Lorraine said:

    LOVE that blanket. Such a nice idea.

  2. Teresa L. Murphy said:

    The pictures say it all. . .You are ALL survivors!!!!

  3. Nana (mom) said:

    My cup runneth over…

  4. I agree with Lorraine, that blanket is so cool!!! How great to have an anonymous angel out there. 🙂

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