Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

For Allison

After months of sharing about Ryan, us, our life and how we are embracing diabetes, today will be different.  I want to share with you a most special request and call out for prayer for one of my most beloved d-moms, and more importantly, my friend, Allison and her family, Cliff (her husband), Tommy and Luke. 

Allison was first called to embrace diabetes on February 18, 2009 when her then four-year-old Tommy was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.  I have to say without condescent, that unless you have experienced the words of this diagnosis concerning your child, you have no idea the overwhelming sense of fear, sorrow and even desperation.  But almost four months ago, Allison and I crossed paths and we became, as so many d-moms do, instantaneous friends.  She has been one of my biggest supporters, encouragers and sounding boards.  We have never met face to face but that is of no consequence.  We talk on the phone, chat through facebook and just share our hearts with one another.  I could not love her more even if we were having coffee together across the table from each other every morning. 

But yesterday, my friend received a devastating blow.  Tommy is not her only child.  She has a two-year-old cutie pie, Luke.  I received word yesterday that they were rushing little Luke to the pediatrician with a blood glucose of 250 and large ketones.   By the time I got to where I could check Allison’s profile on facebook, she had posted 46 minutes prior, “I now have two children with Type 1 diabetes.  Please pray for us.”

You must first understand . . . although this is crushing and daunting news, diabetes will NOT over-take this family.  It will NOT define them.  It is NOT who their children are or the essence of their being and existence.  They will simply take D along for the ride of its life.  This is an amazing family that will conquer this and be on top of their boys’ health and Tommy and Luke will not just survive but THRIVE because of the incredible d-mom and d-dad they have in Allison and Cliff. 

I can not explain the helplessness I feel being 35 hours away from Allison.  Words don’t do justice to how my heart aches for her or what I would do to help if I could just get there.  There is news to digest, adjustments to be made, routines and carbs and insulin dosages to figure out.  There are huge adjustments for that sweet little angel, Luke, who most likely does not understand and is afraid too.  And I must also add that Tommy is still adjusting to his new pump, figuring out basal rates and keeping his sugar within a good, healthy range.  There is a lot on this family’s plate right now.   They need to know they are loved and supported endlessly.

So, what am I asking of you, my readers?  That you go before our Heavenly Father for them.  That you will, like me, whether you know them or not, take them to that Mercy Seat to the One who was not caught by surprise yesterday with this diagnosis.  Cry out to the God who gives that “peace beyond all understanding.”  Ask him to comfort their hearts and minds and give them strength for the days and weeks to come.  And never, ever stop praying for miracles and a CURE.

Allison, girl, words just aren’t enough.  My heart is with you, my arms are around you and my prayers are never-ceasing.  For as much as you need, whenever you need, I’m here . . . loving you through.  Pepps XX


Comments on: "For Allison" (7)

  1. I’d love to encourage you and this family. After 37 years of diabetes, I have to thank God for my disease! Why? Because I am reminded that I need Him. I am also reminded that God will give me a new body in the future and I have something to look forward to. God is good. His love is everlasting!

    I will pray for this family because the adjustment to learning about type 1 diabetes is a never ending path. Thank God the medical field continues to learn and improve this disease!

    Feel free to contact me on my diabetic blog!

    God bless you,

  2. wow. Our oldest, (11 yrs), was just diagnosed in April. I can only imagine what it must feel like to get the news of a second child getting this dx. Will be praying as I think of them. Lovely family!

  3. Beautifully written! Allison, you are loved by so many. We will be here for you and your family always. Having mulitple diabetics is crazy, but our lives are blessed tenfold because of it. I have already prayed and will continue to pray for Allison and her beautiful family!

  4. You are wonderful with words Amy. My family and I are praying for Allison and her family. She has been on my mind all day.

  5. This is a beautiful post. Allison is blessed to call you her friend.

  6. Nana (mom) said:

    Allison, this life is full of happenings that cannot be explained or understood. When Amy told me of your precious Luke and his diagnosis, my prayers were immediately with you. I have no answers nor would I dare to try to explain this to you. I can only offer you my prayerful support and I will continue to pray for your sweet family. I will continue to get updates about you from Amy (she is my daughter). Prayerfully, Nana Walls

  7. Samantha said:

    I do not have children with diabetes, but my heart feels for you all tremendously. My prayers are with each of your families. Allison, know there are many families, praying out to God for whatever it is that you may need during these trying times. Amy, thank you for sharing the gift of your words to let us all know more about this disease. Sending love to you all…

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