Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

A Diabetic’s Appreciation

A few weeks ago, I bought some Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (10g carbs each) and some Hershey’s Kisses (3g carbs each).  I do not buy candy very often anymore for obvious reasons . . . I need to lose some weight!  But I seldom leave it just hanging around on my pantry shelf.  But that day, I decided we would have one Reese’s cup and two kisses for dessert.  When I busted them out after dinner, you would have thought I just laid gold on the table.  Ryan ooo’ed and aaahhhh’d.  Then he would take tiny bites and roll his eyes back in utter euphoria about the sweet taste of chocolate melting in his mouth.  He giggled and laughed and called me the “best mom ever” about a hundred times.  The single dimple on the left side of his face didn’t disappear for hours. 

There was a great lesson learned here.  A life lesson.  I took so much joy in watching him appreciate such a simple pleasure.  Oh the things we take for granted.  Chocolate should be like that for everyone (and it is for some of us ladies who crave the sinful stuff). 

Just to remind you of his sorting abilities

So it was no surprise that Halloween brought on a particular sparkle out of my precious “sweet” six-year-old.  I showed you the picture of how he separated out his candy in groups and sorted it all out to see what he had.  He never one time asked for more than I told him he could have that evening, just spent a lot of time staring and smiling at it all.  His whole body language screamed, “JACKPOT!!”

I didn’t make them clean it all up and put it away until late Monday morning after they had bartered and negotiated several trades. 

Yesterday, I got in Ryan’s bag to sneak a piece of candy and this is what I found:

Front side of the page

Back Side of the Page

Isn’t he amazing!  He cracks me up.  He took written inventory of all the candy he had in his bag.  Made me think twice about stealing out of his bag.  So I moved on to Aaron’s!

Comments on: "A Diabetic’s Appreciation" (7)

  1. Ha ha… love it! How very resourceful of him!

  2. Phyllis Walls said:

    Hilarious! He’s so smart and funny! Serious stuff to him, hugh! And I taught you better than stealing from your kids…I’m sure you didn’t learn that from your mother! LU!

  3. Good thing you moved on! Ryan is ON-TOP of it! Reminds me of my parents keeping track of the booze when we were in high school…different, but kinda the same. LOL.

    Have a good night Amy!

  4. Barb Johnson said:

    iI cried-what a precious story…life story…testimony story…LOVE,
    Mrs. b.

  5. Barb Johnson said:

    I cried with this story…precious story…life story…testimony story…His Story.
    mrs. b.

  6. What a smartie! I’m glad my boys don’t do this…I would be in trouble for sure!

  7. You’re doing a great job journaling this life you guys are living! Ry is awesome to be able to see all that candy and know that though he can’t stuff his face–right now– it’s still his and in time he’ll get to taste it 🙂

    Oh and I laughed out loud about ‘sneaking’ (interesting choice of words, dear friend–hahaha!!). I asked my boys if I could have some of their candy… specifically the chocolate. Nate said, ‘sure mom… you can have anything you want.’ Micah said, “ummm…. which one?’ Little stinker.

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