Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Blogging every day for a month . . . Diabetes Awareness Month . . . my brain’s pretty fried but here’s how D interrupted life today.

It’s been a busy day here.  Grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry (just a little), reading, studying for a lesson and on the phone making appointments and medical phone calls for one of my non-d sons.  My back hurts (and I’m a little concerned about it) and, of course, like 99.9% of all of mankind, I’m tired!  And not to mention all the other non-d issues that bombard everyone’s life!  Whew!!!

Ryan’s sugar has run high for weeks now.  Just about the time I go to change a ratio or something, he has a low and I think, well . . . let’s wait a bit.  Then high again.  Then a day or two of ok.  Up and down, up and down.  I feel seasick.  No ketones though, thankfully!  Because he’s been high so much and then takes a dive here and there, he has been at the nurses office a lot lately checking.  He goes on his own, as much as he wants and no one EVER questions him. 

This morning I told him to go to the nurse when he needs to but ONLY when he needs to.  See, he so loves her and the front office ladies.  The principal told me a month ago that Ryan “owns the front office.”  Hmmmmm . . . little bugger!  Nevertheless, I told him not to take advantage of the freedom they give him. 

At 8:46, I get an email from the school nurse, “Came down at 8:40..  Blood sugar was 161.”  I apologize and tell her I will remind him again to only come when he needs to.  She replied, “Don’t worry Mom, I rather him come then not come.”  She’s awesome!

At 11:29, another email (our daily email), “Blood sugar prior  to lunch was 176.”

At 12:28, I get a phone call from the nurse, “Ryan came down to the clinic, said he felt low ~ 57.”  We discussed treating with juice, waiting 15 and she would call me again.

At 12:46, another phone call, “He’s 89.”  We discussed how he was acting and determined he was ok, to go ahead and eat his 1pm snack (because it was crackers to counter act the sugar of the juice and keep him from spiking then crashing) and go back to class. 

At 1:41, another phone call, “Well, he came down again, looks a little pasty and took his sugar, he’s still 89.”  Then she says, “His eyes have that glassy, absent look.”  My reply, “Ok, G, I give . . . I’m on my way.”

So for those who think that D is just cut back on the sugar and he’ll be fine . . . I tell you to try to get anything done walking in our shoes for a day. 

Granted this isn’t typical, but definitely a possibility every day, and we’ve definitely done this before. 

On a positive note . . . I love our nurse.  I love my boy.  And his sugar went up to 161 about an hour later.  🙂


Comments on: "And it’s the nurse, again!" (6)

  1. Yay for awesome school nurses. Joe’s nurse loves him and takes great care of him too. Joe goes down quite a bit when he is having wonky numbers. I also think that they get “nervous” not having us right there to help out and it gives them a sense of security to see what their number is. “Dexter” (our CGM) has alleviated some of this…but not all of it.

    Are you doing NaBloPoMo too? I am not doing it, but a bunch of D-bloggers are. Good Luck. I will read and cheer you on!

    • Yes, I get the nerves and I think that’s how Ryan feels a lot of the time. I hate to get on him at all for fear of him not going when he needs to. But, no one at school would ever keep him accountable, so, I guess I must be the bad guy as usual. But this isn’t a hill to die on though.

      Yes, I am TRYING to do NaBloPoMo but we’ll see how long this lasts. It’s stinkin’ 5pm and I just posted! Ha! Thanks for the reading. Wish YOU would do the Na… too. I go to your blog and expect to smile, laugh, get angry, vent, whatever. And, oh, so sorry about the schnauzer. Whata mess. But today, girl, I was in stitches. It’s not a good friend to laugh at your afflictions, is it? But I just could not help myself. And I so got the nurse call and was so proud of your boldness to just throw it out there. As usual, YOU ROCK!

    • P.S. AND, I expect to see pom poms and cool knit hats while your sitting on the sidelines, cheering on my daily blogging!

  2. BIG SMILES and a laugh … I think you may be as crazy as me! The carpets are coming along. I followed Cindy’s suggestion from Eaten Alive…I was making “mini volcanoes” with baking soda paste and vinegar and then slurping up the explosions with the wet-vac last night…oh the messes life brings AND I have frickin’ “d” in the mix…it’s always an “experience” to say the least.

  3. Ugh.

    Those frequent call days drive me crazier than usual!

    I LOVE OUR NURSE….but I know if she’s calling then I need to hold on to my seat. She knows what she’s doing and I **HATE** to see that number flash on my caller ID.

    I’ve added you to my NaBloPoMo blog roll….if you **THOUGHT** you could sneak by and no one would notice, you were wrong 🙂 YOU ARE ON THE LIST, SISTA!

  4. I wish that we had a school nurse. Good thing she isn’t in school all day….yet. Glad you are doing NaBloPoMo too!

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