Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Comfort in a Shared Latte

Today I was fortunate enough to sit and have a pumpkin spice latte with my newest friend, my newest D-MOM FRIEND (and to protect her privacy, I will just refer to her as “Friend”).

Last year, Ryan was the only T1d child in the school.  This year, her son who is in kindergarten (in Aaron’s class) was our school’s second addition.  “A” was dx’d in June.  Nurse G introduced us back in August and thought maybe we could connect at some point.  Well, you know how life is . . . we finally were able to do it today!  November is better than never, huh?

It was over three hours of the best therapy ever!  And it was free!  It involved glassy-eyed moments, some laughter and a lot of “get it” nods.  We talked about food, insulin therapy, pumps of choice, dx day, how we are coping and more!  It was fabulous. 

The d-oc has been the secret to my survival of the first ten and a half months of life with D.  I love each of you dearly and value you more than you know.  And on days like today . . . I miss you.  I get sad because we don’t get to see each other all the time.  I’m sad because it’s just too big of a world and miles separate us from simply just being together. 

But nothing beats the physical hug shared between one d-mom and another.  Why else do we write (((hugs))) to each other all the time?  It surpasses any words, any advice, any encouragement.   Just (((hugs))).

And I must say . . . I love her already.  I am so excited about having someone blocks away, who has a child in the same school, who just GETS IT! 

Our nurse is incredible.  We were talking about how wonderful she is and swapping lunchtime shot stories.  Both A and Ryan are told that if they don’t finish lunch, they can come eat with G in the office.  There is a little table there with some books.  A’s lunch is right before Ryan’s, so sometimes they run in to each other.  G evidently called my friend to let her know about A’s lunch bg and just connect.  She asked what he was doing, how he was acting, if he was okay.  She laughed (I’m sure she did although Friend did not say so because that would just be G) and said A was sitting at the table eating lunch and Ryan was sitting with him reading him a book.  Would’ve given a million bucks for a pic of that!

But I needed today, more than Friend even knew.  It helped me just for a little bit, in the overwhelming of life, to just breathe and listen and be heard and understood.  Ahhhh . . .  

Love to all my d-mommas tonight. I really do miss you! (((HUGS)))

And love to my new Friend today.  Looking forward to many more coffees, lunches, outings together.  ❤


Comments on: "Comfort in a Shared Latte" (4)

  1. Ah, the joining-togetherness of a Latte! (I say as I currently blog read, comment post while sipping my own latte.) Good times! Glad you both had a chance to share that experience.

  2. It’s absolutely indescribable! So happy you had a nice chat….it seems like the time goes SO FAST whenever I’m hanging with my D Mamas.

    Oh how I wish there was a mega D Mama meet up somewhere!!!!

  3. There is nothing like friending another D Mama Amy. I too wish all my D-OC buddies could come on over for a coffee hour at my house. I cannot even tell you how much it would mean to me. Luckily, I do have several IRL D Mama pals locally…but, I have to say, I am just as close to all of you guys!


  4. I only have a couple local ones too , but it is so nice to have a couple. Even nicer to know I have all my D Mamas in the DOC to lean on too. It really is good therapy. I just need to get a web cam so we could have a coffee over skype! 🙂

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