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Endo Appt Cancelled

Is it supposed to snow in North Texas?

I did a 3am bg check this morning to find Ryan was 162.  That is out of the norm for him, but I opted to leave it rather than correct it and see what he did.  I went to go to the bathroom and remembered we were supposed to get snow starting at 3am.  When I looked out my bedroom window, we already had almost three inches!  It was beautiful and I was glad the boys would be able to play in it some today. 

Well, Jason got up at regular time and headed out to work just like the other three horrible weather days we have had this week.  (Am I a little bitter?  You betcha!)  So, I decided that if Jason could get to work, I could take Ryan and the other two to Ryan’s endo appointment.  I need to get out of the house for a bit.  It was scheduled for 10:15a.  But much to my chagrin, they called at 8a and cancelled the appointment.  I wasn’t very happy.  They said they could reschedule for late next Friday afternoon.  Well, I can’t do that.  So they are calling me back trying to figure out what to do with me.  Yeesh! 

So, no A1c update today.  Don’t you hate getting yourself syked up for something and having it postponed.  Kinda anti-climactic!  BUT I’m taking the boys out in a few hours just to go somewhere, do anything at all.  I’m hoping we can shop.  Some shop therapy might help my mood.  😉


Comments on: "Endo Appt Cancelled" (6)

  1. Kerry Cracknell said:

    Yep – I’m like you, I get all set for something and then it freaks me out completely to have my plans thrown into disarray. Then I have to remember how nice it is to do something spontaneous sometimes, and when I do that, I have a great time 🙂 And maybe there was a reason for the appointment being cancelled, something that will become clear later on. Hope you and the boys have a wonderful day out and about. Stay safe in that snow. (((HUGS)))

  2. Presto chango, new blog look! 🙂

  3. Yep, I know the feeling of getting yourself all worked up and prepared and then have to do it all again! Love the new blog look!

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