Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Chatting with some of my fav d-moms, the topic arose about non-d-moms getting upset about school parties where there are too many sugar-free items and how the kiddos are “sick of IT [the “it” being sugar free jell-o].”  This makes me sad on so many levels.  Sad for my d-mom, sad for my precious T1er (I call her mine but she really isn’t) and sad for the desire to sugar up our kids any opportunity we get all in the name of PARTY . . . is it not a “party” without 9 million sugar carbs?  Anyhoo . . .

Now, I am sure that sf jello is not on many children’s top 10 favorite snacks.  There are way too many other appealing treats for our sugars to sink their teethe in to and I get that.  But I had to chuckle out loud when my non T1 child came to me just about 30 minutes ago and put a SF JELLO CUP  on my lap and asked me to open it.  Yea!  He’s getting 24 less sugar carbs.  Woo Hoo for Aaron!!! 

But I digress . . . for a group of “room moms” to get together and decide on a V-day party, Christmas party or any other party and have issue with a sf free item is absolutely insane.  Leaving T1 completely out of the picture, which I actually never can do (can I get an AMEN from my T1friends, d-mommas & daddy’s out there!), there is sooo much talk about childhood obesity and giving children healthier options, it certainly doesn’t add up in my blond little mind why anyone would have trouble with this.  And don’t get me started about the insensitivity of that mom.  Nope, I simply won’t go there. 

I want to give a big shout out to my T, one of my Lovelies and sweet, sugar, K for taking the high road in dealing with the jello fiasco.  I love you both.  I get it.  And although I am not a big believer in actual karma, what goes around does come around.  It’s Biblical.  What you sew is what you will reap.  Continue to take the high road and I’ll meet you there with (((HUGS))).

And I think it an appropriate time to share one of the boys newest favorite treats that I don’t make often, trying to keep it on the “special” list.  We call it RAINBOW PUDDING (taking the jello word right out of it . . . you know, kinda mind over matter).  And I have to give an honorable mention to Mrs. Rosie who cares for a d-hubby (and cares for me too!) and this is one of her fun recipes.  Love you, Lady!!  All you do is take SUGAR FREE lemon, lime, strawberry and orange jello (and any other flavor or your choice) cooled in a shallow dish.  Cut into cubes and put in a large bowl.  Add Lite Cool Whip, as much as you want to your liking (2g carbs for two tbsp . . . so keep track of how much you use remembering that 16tbsp equals 1 cup, I think).  It’s fun, it’s colorful and it’s yummy.  

And that’s all I have to say about that.


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    (and that’s all I have to say about that as well!)

  2. Kerry Cracknell said:

    We love SF stuff too 🙂 But I tend towards naturally-sweetened foods, rather than foods with chemical sweeteners or artificial flavourings. My two actually lean towards the savoury snacks at parties. They are already getting the message about a healthy lifestyle overall, not just because of D! I’ve always been into that anyway, even before D was part of our lives.

    I am so with you on the parties thing. The other thing that gets my goat is the content of goody bags. Joshua brought one home from a party the other day that was crammed with sweets and cheap plastic crap action toys – 2 dinosaurs, some monsters, and robots with guns. It was HIM who went and put the sweets in Bob’s hypo box and the toys (apart from the two plastic dinosaurs) in the bin. I was really proud of him.

  3. That is just crazy for them to make a big deal over sugar free jello and such! Really, I don’t think the kids can tell the difference and why would any mother want their kids to have that much sugar! There is no nutritional value to regular jello. Before D, I always bought sugar free popsicles and such anway. I can’t wait to try out Rainbow Pudding…she will love that. She insists on having her SF jello with just about every meal!

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