Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Thief of “NOTHING”

Well, it has been quite peaceful around here for the last ten days or so.  Just some UGH! moments, like Crocodile Tears  last Wednesday.  But I guess bragging has it’s pitfall.  You know, “informing” you yesterday about how good his numbers have been too.  Well, not so much yesterday after he got home.  Pride goes before the fall.  Ha! Ha!  No, actually, it wasn’t boastful . . . it was more thankful for the calm, the nothing, for awhile. 

Back when we were on MDI, I had given a few, and I mean very few, shots in the night to correct high bgs.  But checking bg and using the lancet device is just simply status quo.  And he sleeps through it as most of our T1 kiddos do.  And we all know that they can drink a juice or chocolate milk or swallow a go-gurt too while playing in wonderful sleepy la la land.  When God gives them the disease, He also provides the gifts/talents necessary to manage it.  (***D-moms, sleeping through pokes, drinks and shots IS a gift, right?)

Life with D introduces us to a lot of new, “sweet” firsts and last night, we had another one.  It started when he came home from school with a 202.  Very odd, but whatever, it happens.  But then at dinner, he was still over 200 after correction.  Then bedtime, still over 200 WITH the dinner correction and we corrected again, with much hesitation, fearing the multiple corrections could catch up all at once but NOT wanting it to go to that wonderful 300 mark in the night.  Jason and I were up way too late last night . . . remember, we’ve had “nothing” going on at nights lately and we’ve gotten more sleep than usual.  MISTAKE.  But when we finally went to bed at midnight, we checked again.  298, the highest it had been all night, with three corrections in the past 9 hours.  Okay, D, it’s not 300 YET, so GAME ON

Looking at the cannula again, it now looked crystal white, with a pink and slightly bloody area right on the skin where the cannula was inserted.  And you must have magnifying glass vision to see in the tiny little window to begin with, but it appeared that the cannula had a slight kink in it too. 

12:17a . . . Pod Change was in order, just about 18 hours after putting on a new one.  😦  Ryan had already been to sleep for well over 3 hours by this point and is not so cooperative when he has hit that deep, precious sleep (that I am so very jealous of, by the way).  So, we decided to change the pod and see how far we could get before he woke up. 

Deactivate old pod . . . “beep. beep.”  Done.


Unisolve applied.

Alcohol swab to clean the new site (old – left back, new- right back . . . at least we did not have to go from back to belly).

After I filled the new pod with insulin and set it to prime, I looked up and Jason was holding the old pod, already pulled off of Ryan, STILL SLEEPING.  Woot Woot for Unisolve!!!

Remove plastic cover, peel off adhesive paper, place pod on the back with the cannula on his “love handle.”

Snoozing Away.

Pinch up, press down, click “START” . . . 1-2-3 . . . SNAP!

Ryan opened his eyes for a flash of a second with the SNAP and closed them again never moving. 

Cannula checked and good. Resume insulin delivery.

Correction at 3a.  Correction at breakfast at 6a.  With a couple checks in between.  I guess it wasn’t the pod causing the high bgs.  But now I know I can change it in his sleep!  AND we never his 300!  SCORE!  Spike the football!  TD dance.  (And you are all now belly laughing because I can’t dance!)  🙂

This morning when Jason saw him right after I woke him up, he said, “We changed your pod last night while you were sleeping.”  And his reply with his eyes half-open, “Where is it?”  And started feeling around his mid-section for the pod.  Does anyone else find that reply funny?  “Where is it?!?!”  Love it!

And my sleep deprived question for you this morning is, “Who stole my “NOTHING?”

Happy Tuesday!


Comments on: "Thief of “NOTHING”" (4)

  1. Nana (mom) said:

    We KNEW you could write with feeling and “depth”…now we add humor! Love you and…”keep swimming…” !

  2. WOW! Sounds like quite a night Amy…bummer on the highs though. I wish it were the POD and that they weren’t continuing. There is NOTHING I hate more in dealing with “D” than stubborn highs. They get my blood boiling.

    Joe sleeps like the dead too…nice to know that we can drive needles into them during their sleep – hehehe.

  3. People who don’t have a CWD are always amazed when they learn that we can check Jack’s BG, give him a shot, and feed him when he’s sleeping. He sleeps like a rock! My guess is that some day, when he eventually gets a pump, he’ll be able to sleep through a site change too!

    I had to laugh when I read the part about dancing, because I can’t dance either! 🙂

  4. Audrey could sleep through a site change too, although we have only had to do a couple in the middle of the night and she was already awake. It’s funny because she hears the beep on her meter at night and sticks her arm and finger out in her sleep. Funny, in a way!

    I don’t like stubborn highs, they always worry me. So glad the pod change worked and those numbers came down. Too funny that he didn’t even notice in the morning. lol.

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