Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Pod Muscles?

Ryan uses a circular mid-section motion when it comes to pod sites.  Right tummy, right low back, left low back, left tummy in a forever circle rotation.  At the beginning, he loved to use his arm.  But somewhere early on, he decided the arm wasn’t what he wanted.  So I obliged without question.  But here lately, I’ve been wanting to use arms again giving us two additional sites convering six days in the cycle.  But more importantly, it would give each site roughly six more day to heal.  All the little knobbies are starting to show.  Nothing infected, nothing too bad (at least not yet).  Just looks like leftover chiggar bites sometimes. 

Lorraine said something about Caleb and a site on his arm on twitter days ago.  I piped up and said that Ryan wouldn’t wear it on his arm anymore.  We tweeted just a tad about it and moved on. 

The next time we needed to change a pod, I mentioned that Caleb uses his arms in the pod rotation. 

Now you must understand that although Ryan has never met Caleb, he knows him (like so many of our T1ers know each other from a distance) although he has never met him.  Here’s how Ryan knows Caleb:

Watching ALL of Caleb's videos on youtube

I actually posted this picture on Lorraine’s facebook wall because I couldn’t believe he sat there and watched all of Caleb’s videos.  Here’s what I wrote on her wall after witnessing in November.  “Just wanted to share one of these with you. We were talking about the pod today [we didn’t start the pod/pumping until December] and where he thinks he’d like to wear it. I said, “Wanna see where Caleb wears his?” Then he watched all 20 or so videos on youtube. I cried watching him watch them all and smile and laugh and shake his head in agreement at times. His favorite is the book partner one where Caleb was so excited. In hindsight, I should have videoed.  You are making such a difference, Lorraine. Thank you!”

You can watch Caleb yourself here.

We talk about Caleb occasionally, when the situation presents itself, just like we talk about Katie (Tina’s girlie girl and his pen pal), Nash (Cameran’s boy whose name comes up because he spends so much time at the beach & he was dx’d several weeks after Ryan), Tommy (Allison’s boy who he wants to go visit just so he can run crazy on all the land they have and play in the living room tee pee) and recently Joe (Reyna‘s active hockey player boy since we just went to see the Stars play).  There are others, but these seem to come up the most in conversation right now.  As I “meet” and come to know d-momma’s, I share their children with Ryan when we have a commonality or from an educational view or just simply to connect with other T1s.  So when I mention these sweet ones by name, he knows exactly who I’m referring.

So, back to the blog at hand . . . when it was time for a change, I said, “Wanna do your arm this time?”  He quickly said no and tried to move on.  I asked him why not.  He went on this disconnected, kinda out there argument about how it’s just been too long to remember what it was like and that it tickled to clean the site with the alcohol swab and whatever.  I listened and did not interrupt.  But when he was finished, I simply said, “Caleb wears his on his arm.”  He stopped dead in his tracks, looked at me pensively for a moment and said, “oh, okay, let’s put it on my arm.”  And that’s all it took.  Caleb does it, so it’s good enough for Ryan.  Funny, I think the same way . . . if it’s good enough for Lo, it’s good enough for me!

Anyway, all that said to lead to this one thing that Ryan said to me about wearing his pod on his arm.  When he came home from school Friday, about 20 hours or so of wearing it on THE BACK of his arm, I asked how it was going.  He said, “Good.  I just wish I could wear it on the front my arm so when I do this [flex], it looks like a muscle.”

If the pod was on the front of his arm, it would like a muscle!


Comments on: "Pod Muscles?" (4)

  1. I could just eat that DIMPLE!!!!! Oy..yoi…yoi!!! He is so stinkin’ cute. I am so glad that he got to see Caleb’s vids and that by “knowing” him he was willing to give the arm a shot (no pun inteded). I think our children and all of us D ‘Rents benefit from the large pool of us that exists in the DOC. It has opened our worlds up immensely and made us all feel less alone and more supported when we need to tackle difficult situations in “D” Care.

    LOVE THAT PIC…should be a profile pic fo’ sho’. xoxo

  2. Way to go Ryan!!!
    I do the same thing with Justin. If I suggest a spot… he doesn’t listen, but if I show him a “friend”… its a different story.

    Whatever works right?

  3. Awwwwwwwww!!!!

    So so sweet. These kids are all like our own, aren’t they? Get them all into a room and put any one of us parents in with them and we’d protect them like any momma bear would protect her own cubs.

    I’m so happy you can extend the parent community to Ryan so he can benefit directly. We all need to know we aren’t in this alone.

    Nice post and great, great pic of Ryan and his muscles! Even the Pod muscle. 🙂

  4. That is a seriously cute boy you have there! 🙂

    I have introduced these other D kids to Jack, too. We are lucky in that we have a lot of local D families, and Jack knows a lot of kids with D. But, it’s great how to have the DOC to further help. I figure the more kids with diabetes that he knows (or knows of), the better!

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