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How We Did Easter

I know everyone does it differently, d or not, dealing with candy and treats at Easter time.  But here’s what we did and how we did it this year. 

I didn’t make a big Easter lunch this year like normal.  We had no family in from out-of-town for the first time in quite a while.  So it was just the five of us and mom & dad, so we decided to go out to eat.  We went to Outback.  Ryan loves the grilled chicken there, so that’s what he ordered with a baked potato side.  Good, easy-peasy d lunch for my precious T1er. 

As far as Easter baskets go, well . . . I got lazy.  I decided I didn’t want to fill it full of little toys, trinkets and candy.  Ethan is getting harder and harder to do that for anyway.  So I decided to do something different.  We bought new outside toys (basketball, football, soccer ball, slip ‘n slide, wiffle ball bat & balls, oversized tennis balls for their racquets, bubble wands, bouncy balls, sidewalk chalk, bug catcher houses & magnifying glass for such play , paddle balls, etc), anything they can or would play with outside.  I put it all in two large trash bags and gave them to them just that way.  They asked about their Easter baskets, and I went to the bedroom to “get them” and came out with two trash bags and asked them to throw these in the trash first.  The wiffle ball bat sticking out of the top of one was a dead give-a-way.  Their eyes lit up and they loved it. 

And I have always done an Easter Egg Hunt for the boys here at home.  So, I bought the usual peanut butter eggs, bubble gum, Hershey minitures, jelly beans, spring M&Ms, etc.  And I bought 48 eggs to hide.  Then Ethan came in with eggs he’d found from last year (empty ones) and they emptied the eggs they’d gotten at an Easter egg hunt on Saturday at a local church.  So all total, there were 126 empty eggs in front of me.  So I began filling, with as much as would hold (bought smaller eggs).  Then as I filled them, I counted carbs and wrote the amount on the outside of the egg.  I filled them with mostly 9 carbs, some 7 and 10 too.  So this way, Ryan can get an egg randomly here and there or with a meal and know exactly how many carbs are there immediately to bolus.  He thinks it’s a big deal, although he might only get two Hershey miniatures or three small peanut butter eggs.  But it’s FREEDOM.  Controlled, but nevertheless, FREEDOM.  He only had about three eggs all day yesterday at different times in the day, not all at once, and he loved it.  Amazing thing is . . . it’s good enough for Aaron too.  😉  Ethan kinda fudges here and there but never in Ryan’s presence . . . but he’s older and has always taken on more responsibility than required, so he deserves it. 

So, there was success without the sugar spikes.  And he felt like a kid, a non-d kid as much as that is possible.  But I don’t think it’s even a thought for any of them much anymore, even on special days.  It is what it is and yesterday was EASTER.  And we had candy.  And it was good.


Comments on: "How We Did Easter" (2)

  1. What a wonderful idea! I went with caramel filled chocolate eggs (5gs each)..put one or two in an egg with a Japanese eraser. I love that you showed that candy can be part of it. I am hoping that we are heading off some resentment from the boys later on by not being carb tight wads. 🙂

    Happy be-lated Easter Amy.

  2. Such a cool idea to put the carb counts on the eggs! Wish I had thought to ask my mil to do that (she did the hunt this year!)
    I think it’s great to have a balance like that…candy and non-candy. That way it’s more than just eat it up and it’s gone. It will be fun that will last and last!

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