Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

D-Bloopers is the prompt for today’s D-Blog week post, but my mind isn’t working.  I know we have had many bloopers, but right now, I’m blank.  So, I’ll just share a little story the d-world will completely “get.”

At the check-out at Target, the boys are always begging for candy, gum or the small items they tempt us with like batteries, travel-size antibacterial gel, mini Nerf guns, etc.  All things that we fight with out kids about while piling the never-ending mound of groceries and household items on the belt. 

The boys are gum chewers.  They love gum.  And they don’t swallow it, never have, except for a short-lived bout with Aaron (always my problem child). 

But one day we were in the line and I’m doing my mom-ly duty of unloading my cart while keeping one eye on three boys.  They were eyeing the gum.  One of them (can’t remember if it was E or Ry) picked up pink pack of Bubblicious gum.  What kid doesn’t love Bubblicious, right?  And here’s how the conversation went:

6g carbs per piece

“Mom, Can we have this?” holding up the irradescent pink shiny pack.

“How much?”  (Of course, I was asking carbs per piece and the boys knew exactly what I was asking too.)


“Nope, that’s too much.  Pick another one.  Find one that’s free.”  (Of course, I meant a “free” food = less than 5g carb.)

1g carb per piece

Someone picked up a Trident sugar-free pink pack.

Holding it up proudly, “Mom!  This one is free!” 

“Ok, that’s fine then.” And motioned for them to throw it on the belt.

Then — I just happened to turn to the stare I was feeling.  It was the cashier who had momentarily stopped  scanning.  I know that poor little girl was not thinking free carbs.  And I’m sure it was an awkward moment for her thinking how am I going to tell this crazy lady she has to pay $1.39 for that pack of gum, that indeed, was NOT COST FREE. 

My mean streak did not even bother to explain.  Just smiled and kept doing what I was doing, unloading my cart, watching my boys . . . and giggling. 

And if you’d like to read another check-out at Target story I blogged about months ago, click here.  We live two min from Target. 🙂  Happy D-Blog week reading!!!


Comments on: "Bubblicious Isn’t Free" (15)

  1. Lorraine said:

    Heehee. Funny. Sounds very blooperish to me!

  2. I love that you didn’t stop to explain what you meant! 🙂

  3. HA HA HA HA!

    Geez Louise! A problem child and you tell them they can have gum for free! Someone call the authorities 🙂

  4. LOVE THIS…and like your “mean-streak”.

  5. Jessica said:

    Amy, that’s s great story. Counting every single carb seems so mind-numbing. My Pop (Cliff) was recently diagnosed with diabetes. My Pop is the healthiest man i know, yet he has type 2 diabetes! It doesn’t make sense. So now my Nana (Kathy) is having to learn how to cook for him all over again after 55 years. Now instead of what dessert to eat, it’s how many carbs have you had today. it’s hard for adults, so I can’t imagine your struggles with Ry.
    Amy you are such a strong person! Thanks for sharing your life in these blogs. You are an amazing writer! I love you. Tell the boys I said hi!

  6. Love the mean streak! Love Target!

    Hate all those tempting goodies at a child’s eye level at the checkout.

  7. Shopping with three kids — that right there is a blooper with my three! Heehee! 🙂 Though, I take them all the time, and as for you, the check-out always provides temptations! 🙂

    Funny story!

  8. I love that you just let it fly! We gotta keep em guessing!

  9. LOL! I also like that you didn’t explain.

    I was trying to check out at Sephora last week and the cashier was very distracted and kept looking over to the side. I followed her gaze and noticed a group of teenage girls with big backpacks – I would have been distracted too!

  10. Too funny!! And I love that you didn’t explain and left that Target employee in the dark!! 🙂

  11. Haha! Now that was a good laugh!

  12. I love that you didn’t tell her.

  13. Haha! This reminds me of the time I was shopping somewhere with my husband and Andy started screaming and fighting with us. I knew he had just eaten so he couldn’t be low. I turned to my husband and said, “I think he’s hi” just as a couple of older women walked by and gave me a look that could kill. I know they must have been thinking this lady is crazy.

  14. Hahaha!

    That’s really funny.

    My mom always asks me, “did you shoot up?” And in restaurants that sounds…funny.

  15. That is such a funny story!!! I’m sure the cashier thought you were all just going to stick the “free” gum in your pockets. 🙂

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