Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

WOW . . . it’s been a whole week since I’ve blogged.  I’ve thought about it.  I’ve even swirled a few ideas for a post or two around in my head.  But see, I just haven’t taken the TIME . . . which leads me to my “thankful” for this Thursday ~ Time with my boys!

Last Thursday was the last day of school.  I attended Ethan’s final assembly, where he received honors for A-B Honor Roll (hate how the school does it; he had all As for both semester and final averages, but one B for one six-weeks in two separate classes, but I was VERY proud nevertheless).   Then I rushed over to the elementary school for Aaron’s Kindergarten Graduation.  NO MORE BABIES IN MY HOUSE!  Next year will be 1st grade, 2nd grade and 6th grade.  But it was a busy day full of last day activities. 

And Friday began our summer. 

I LOVE SUMMER.  I’m so cold natured.  I don’t mind 100 degree weather and it’s typically pretty dry here, little humidity.  I love to hang at the pool and do things with the boys. 

We live in a neighborhood that has a large community pool, three playgrounds (if you count the school’s) and a rather large bike/walk trail.   And we make good use out of all three, especially these last seven days. 

Our bike trail

During my blog absence, we have spent days at the pool and done a lot of bike riding.  On Sunday, we rode out bikes the length of the trail to a main thoroughfare street, got off our bikes and walked across the six lane road and ended up at Yogurt Cup!  The boys had a blast.  It was so much fun to think they could ride their bikes to somewhere fun for a treat.  On Tuesday, the boys wanted to ride again.  But this time, they wanted to ride to the pool (roughly about 3/4 to a mile away).  We could ride the bike trails right up to the gate. So, we did.  And that very night, Aaron passed his swim test!  So now all three of them can swim in the pool without the aid of a life-jacket!  (This is a big deal in our house!)

I think they are more excited about the candles than I am!

This past weekend was also my birthday.  Birthdays are a BIG DEAL to the boys, especially to my baby, Aaron.  He woke me up at 6:30AM on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday and lifted the covers and said, “I want to get in bed with the birthday girl!”  And then thought it was playtime on the first day school was out!  But birthdays are important here.  The boys made sure that mom made me a birthday cake (not that she wouldn’t have on her own) becuase I am usually the one who makes the cakes.  They had Jason take them to the store to buy me a gift(s) just from them (which I will blog about probably tomororw).  And they made sure that I had candles on my cake to blow out while they sang to me.  They celebrated me, unselfishly. 

And when Kidd scores, Aaron yells, "I scored, I scored!" Goof-ball!!!

The Dallas Mavericks have been in the NBA Finals this past week too!  And boy is it big stuff in this house.  Ethan has really gotten in to basketball this past year.  Secret:  I’m not crazy about basketball.   I don’t understand and get frustrated often with the gray area of the foul rules.  And it just is something that I just don’t care for very much . . . until now.  Since they are so in to it, I have found my self trying to learn and look forward to the games.  I bought us all Mavs shirts.  We all five sit down to watch every game, we might be an hour or so delayed because of outside activity and the wonderful invention of the dvr, but we all watch.  Ryan and Aaron often watch until they fall asleep on the couch and then watch the rest of it in the morning!  😉  But it’s good quality family sports watching time . . . and it’s not even football season! 

But all in all.  I am thankful for the Quality Family Time we have had over the last seven days.

And the question you’ve all been waiting for . . . Has D interrupted?  Absolutely.  

After about two hours of swimming, I hear a quiet voice say, “Mom, I need to check my sugar.”  And the beeps reveal a 55.  But you know what that did?  It gave Ryan and me some quality conversation time sitting on the white pool recliners while he downed a box of yogurt coated raisins.  He giggled while he watched Aaron try to dive for sticks with a life-jacket on (pre-swim test completion).  He sat in the lounger next to me and tucked his hands behind his head and smiled with that single dimple showing while waiting for his sugar to rise.  When he hit a little over  100, he ate a Starburst for good measure and took off to swim again.  Not a moment of frustration with the waiting.  Not.one.bit.

While bike riding, I look back and see Ryan straggling way behind.  I see Jason slow almost to stop, let Ryan catch up and yell, “Gonna do a sugar check!”  Yep, 72.  Too low to finish the ride safely.  So we all circled back for a water break while Ryan had some squeezable applesauce.  Ethan was being his loud and obnoxious 11-year-old self flicking water at Jason picking a fight and Aaron was doing his normal entertaining.   And I got a moments rest for my out-of-shape self!  Again, not a single complaint . . . from anyone. 

It’s just become a part of who we are, a part of family time, the black bag and sugar checks.  We do it without a second thought.  Not every bike ride or every swim results in a low or even in a high.  Sometimes, when the planets are all aligned right, we have that perfect activity numbers day.  And I do a silent d-momma dance in my head (because my real dancing isn’t so pretty).  But when d does it’s best to interrupt, we tend to all take it in stride. 

I love my boys.  I love our time together.  I love that Jason is willing to do all this physical activity when I know he’d love to come home after a 12 hour day and fall asleep on the couch.  I love that more than anything in the world, the boys love to do stuff together just the five of us. 

And today, this Thankful Thursday, that is what I am most thankful for . . . TIME . . . FAMILY TIME while dragging d along with us! 


The Lederer5


Comments on: "Thankful Thursday . . . Time" (2)

  1. How wonderful! Spending time with family is such an important thing…so glad you’ve taken the time to do that!
    Happy (late) Birthday! That cake looked super yummy…especially the strawberries!

  2. Smiling…You are so right, funny how it all just falls into place…the routine of it all. Sounds like you guys are off to a great summer and tons of fun. Your neighborhood is fantastic Amy…sounds much like my beloved Essex Junction, VT.

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