Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Last Friday, the 3rd, was my birthday . . . I turned 30! (plus a few)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, birthdays are a big deal to my boys.  They want everything perfect for whomever is celebrating THEIR day.  They made sure mom made cake (awesome one it was).  And Thursday after Ethan’s basketball clinic, the boys disappeared, prompted by the boys, to buy a birthday present(s) for me FROM them.

They were so proud.  Cards are even important to them:

 But the boys picked out the cutest beach bag for me.  We are going to Gulf Shores for vacation this summer and they know I love pink and this is what they chose for me.  I LOVE it!  It’s perfect for me to carry my stuff on to the beach!

And then, evidently, Jason told them they could pick out something little to put in the bag.  And one of them saw these and said that I LOVED these too, so they each picked out one for me (one was obviously a two-pack):

Ducks from the boys!

I laughed out loud! 

Late last spring, early summer, there was a group of us d-momma’s who had a good laugh about ducks.  The duck was diabetes personified.  We used the duck and pics of a duck representing d to representing a “high” to shooting the duck to creative looking ducks to you-name-it, we laughed about it.  Therapeutic laughing.  Get-it laughing.  It was wonderful. 

While in Chicago, Tina and I reminisced about such laughter.  We miss it!  Katie even designed her Walk shirts around a purple polka-dotted duck. 

But I went on a duck craze.  I bought a quacking duck key chain that the boys remember well.  They loved to hold my keys in a store or wherever.  But life and some laughter surrounded ducks for a while.  I laughed whenever I saw one at the store or a pic of one.  And they remembered the smiles that ducks brought me.  And so, they gave me ducks. 

What’s touching to me is that they noticed. 

And although the duck represents something that turned our life upside-down and sometimes grieves my soul to its core, the boys see the duck as something that makes me giggle and smile. 

I guess it is, really, all about perspective!

God bless the duck . . . or maybe just the heart of my boys!


Comments on: "Birthday Presents to Me from My Boys" (1)

  1. Happy belated birthday!!! Be proud, Amy! You have three fabulous boys! I just love how they knew exactly what would make you happy!

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