Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

What a strange thing to be thankful for is maybe what you all are thinking today.  But I have been thankful for technology for quite some time.  I love cell phones . . . I love that I can take phone calls and check my email no matter where I am.  I love that it keeps me from having to flip the pages of a phone book, carry an extra device for a GPS and has a calculator on it (I so stink at math from tipping to carb counting).  It holds music that gives me peace.  It has games that keep my boys occupied.  And FACEBOOK.  I’m so thankful for facebook.  I know a lot of people who think facebook is bad, evil is how one lady put it.  But it’s like anything else in this world, you can use it for good OR for evil.  I love it because I can keep up with my family who lives in Jersey and Baltimore and my friends in Baltimore, Florida, Missouri, other parts of Texas and even in Austria (givin’ you a shout out, Kris!) and in many, many other places.  And I love the internet for GOOGLE alone.  I google answers.  I google news stories that I hear clips of on tv (another technology device I am thankful for but just not as thankful).  I google questions the boys ask me when I don’t know the answers.  I even google recipes.  I could go on and on about my phone and facebook and the internet forever. 

But I am so thankful for technolgy where d is concerned too. 

My phone also allows me to talk & text my d-mommas ... Allison, Tina, Cam, Kelly, Reyna and more!

The cell phone . . . I can call the doctor no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing when I get scared.  I have Fifty50Pharmacy in my address book when I run out of supplies or need them the next day right when I think of it . . . Maxine there is AMAZING!  I have OmniPod on speed dial for when a pod errors out or I have a question.  The school nurse is on speed dial . . . and I am on hers . . . and I take calls from her no matter where I am, having a pedi, getting my hair done, having lunch in Dallas, shopping, or anywhere.  I have it with me no matter where I am in case of emergency, but also just for questions or the ok to have that cupcake for a birthday.  It gives me freedom to go on dates with my hubby and leave him with my mom or even go to CHICAGO and meet one of my bestest d-moms, Tina!  Ryan will probably have a cell phone long before he should have one because as he has more freedom as he gets a little older, it will be nice for him to text and just check in or double check a bolus.  It will allow me to give him that freedom he deserves and give me peace of mind as well. 

My first three entries on my newsfeed was d-related!

And FACEBOOK . . . I have met some awesomely spectacular mommas on facebook.  D-moms that I have never met in person, but I hold them very close to my heart.  Moms who get it.  Moms who understand and post a thread of 12 comments when I put one word in my status:  “LOW.”  No explanation needed . . . just offering tons of support.  Some of them, I may never have the opportunity to meet.  And that makes me sad.  But I know many of them I will at some point along this journey.  As ridiculous as it sounds, I’d be lost without facebook and without them.

SOME of the d-blogs I read

And the internet . . . I google it all.  New products.  I order supplies through Amazon.com .  I google to understand the body better.  To understand insulin better.  To understand management better.  I BLOG!  I read blogs.  I learn from d-blogs.  I read stories of hope.  Of small victories.  I help to encourage those who have helped me.  The d-bloggers and d-facebookers make me feel NOT ALONE.  I get lost in the bloggers of adults with Type 1 Diabetes.  I imagine Ryan older.  I see their lives full and successful and without limits.   It’s encouraging.  It’s hope.  I.heart.them!!!!

Ryan with his bed head in his favorite bed (mine) getting ready to check his sugar this AM

And most of all . . . regarding technology . . . I am most thankful for OmniPod and insulin pumps.  I get frustrated when it errors out, like it did yesterday, but that’s one in many, many.  This white pod that he wears on his body not only sustains his life with the insulin it provides, but it keeps him healthier and works similarly like a pancreas giving him different amounts of insulin at different times of the day.  There is literally a constant drip going all the time.  Again, I could go on and on about the pump and what it does. 

Now, mind you, the pump is not magical and is not a cure . . . but until the cure comes or I figure out my magic potion . . . it’s the absolute best for Ryan and gives him F.R.E.E.D.O.M!

Today I am thankful for technology.



Comments on: "Thankful Thursday . . . Technology" (1)

  1. Lorraine said:

    Yay for technology! I could not agree more!

    And thanks for your kind and moving comment the other day on Caleb’s video. Our guys are amazing, aren’t they??

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