Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease


Ryan had a bedtime snack last night later than usual, around 9:30ish and he was 156.  And the boys were camping out in our bedroom for the night.  I could hear giggles and playing, but no big deal . . . no school the next day or anything.  It stayed pretty well under control, so I just left them to their boyish nonsense.

About an hour later, Jason walked back there for something.  Ryan got up to go to the bathroom said, “Dad, I feel a little hungry.”  Jason simply told him, without thought, that it was too late to eat.  Ryan complied and went back to lie down.  As Jason was walking out of the room about a minute later, he said, “Ryan, come on and let’s check your sugar.”

NOTE:  The good dad tells the boys 10:30p is too late to be eating.  The better dad, recognizes that the diabetic child might be hungry for a reason.  

The beeps on the meter revealed a 65.

His reply, “I thought I was low.”

I asked Ryan as he was reaching in the fridge for his yogurt how he knew he was low when he was lying down (supposedly) going to sleep.  I am still amazed that at 6, almost 7, he can tell that.  He said when he goes low, he gets hungry but his stomach feels “weird” and so does his head a little.  But he said mostly hungry tells him when he’s low.

I told him that we were going to have no more lows, no more highs and we were going to keep “our” sugar at a steady 110-115 from now on. 

He laughed at me and said, “Ok, mom, whatever you say.”  Showed me that big, one dimple grin and took a big bite of his yogurt.   

I’m so thankful and IMPRESSED that he knows his body so well. 

I would have checked again before I went to bed, but that would have been about an hour and a half later.  Who knows how much it would have dropped by then, especially with .4 IOB. 

And I was able to figure out the IOB and the low.  I was surprised to find the IOB and the low.  When I was tweaking basals, I messed up with the settings.  Ugh.  Bad momma pancreas.  I set his range down to 80 – 150 for 6p to 12a instead of 6a – 6p.  I’m not really sure how I did that, but I did.  I like to have his range set from 130 – 150 for that 6p – 12a window to avoid some of these lows.  So now I need to go back and do some re-tweaking.  That explains the lows between 11-1 that we were having about four days ago, I think.  Worth giving it a try! 

A-day-in-the-life, huh, Rey!


Comments on: "Impressed" (3)

  1. M was able to feel a low just before she turned 5 last July. She didn’t get it right every time in the beginning but now she does. M feels light headed and a bit dizzy when she is low. Hugs to your family for battling D 24/7!

  2. I am impressed, too! We are still working on feeling lows. She will say that she is hungry. And she’s starting to say low sometimes. It’s a work in progress!! I can’t tell you how many times J and I have done the same thing… Say it’s too late to eat and then think “Hmmmmm….”. Hope it’s all figured out now!! Fingers crossed!

  3. Good for Ryan!! I, too, am amazed at how ‘in tune’ Bean is; she’s always been pretty good about her lows and she’s starting to pick up on her high, too….blows my mind!
    Good for Dad, too! Love when those gut feelings override the ‘normal’ parenting decision!

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