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Summer with D

Some summer fun

What I am finding this summer is that it’s just plain hard to post.  Having a six, almost seven and eleven year old at home all day every day is keeping me very busy.

Ironic thing is that I have so much more I could blog about with them being home, just having a hard time finding the time.

We have had an interesting three weeks going on four with the pod.  I knew there was going to be a learning curve with the first summer with an insulin pump.  And I wondered how the pod was going to stick with all the sweat of the summer and the water from the pool.  It’s been challenging to say the least.  I know several of you say you don’t use any extra adhesive, tape or band to help keep the pod in place with the swimming (and I would love to know how you do it) but we just aren’t that fortunate.  Taping up the pod with flexifix has allowed us to keep the pod on for three days with swimming and sweating and the like.

But here was our day (and night) yesterday:

He woke up at 138.  It was 136 at lunch.  He averaged 131 . . . until dinner.  He was 419!  I had him retake it.  Just didn’t make sense.  It was 395.  So we checked ketones – 0.9!!!  What in the world.  We were all so very tired.  I have a pinch in my back up near my left shoulder-blade.  I was so looking forward to cleaning up from dinner and lying on the couch watching television with my boys.  I sat there for a minute and said to Jason, “Let’s all of us go for a bike ride after dinner.”  He looked at me funny and said, “I heard Ethan mention a bike ride earlier but I didn’t say anything because I thought your back was hurting.”  I whispered, “It is, but . . . ” and my eyes shifted to Ryan.  I just figured at 6pm and a 419, we just needed to somehow burn off some of that sugar.  Then Jason said, “Yep, let’s all go for a bike ride.”  Right then, Ryan snapped out of the fog he was in (probably because of the high bg) and said, “I’m NOT going for a bike ride tonight.  I’m tired and don’t want to get hot and sweaty.”  We just chucked at the irony of him refusing and he being the purpose for the family bike outing.  But I managed to convince him to go.

And off we went in nearly triple digit weather.

When we got back home, he was sure he was low.  He was 268.  Checked with extra Freestyle meter:  260.  And after the insulin correction and a gallon (or so) of water, ketones were 0.2.  So we still had almost enough insulin on board to cover the 268 and we had the bike ride.  So we just waited it out.

Bedtime, he was 102, so he just ate some lite yogurt with adjusted bolus because of IOB.

Midnight check:  83

Hm . . . so I decided to do a temporary basal and cut back on his insulin by 25% for three hours.

3am check:  65

More yogurt.  No Gogurts in the house, so I fed it to him with a spoon while he was sleeping.

3:15a check:  78

ONLY 78!  I backed off insulin for 1 hour by 50%

3:40a check:  107

4:30a check (when Jason got up to go to the gym):  127

Breakfast:  67  Capri Sun before his waffles and milk

I’m exhausted.  He’s tired.  And I don’t know what’s going on.  But we are trying to just go with it and ride it out.

What’s the point of documenting such an evening/night?  I don’t really know.  Just to say it’s been busy around here.  And that’s just D, not all the other fun, exciting, busy things that go on in the rest of life with three boys home 24/7.

I’m still here and wanting to share.  Just don’t know if it will be as often until school starts again.  😉


Comments on: "Summer with D" (2)

  1. Yuck! Those kind of nights are so suckie!! I find that Bean does this delayed reaction to exercise that I have to really keep an eye on with all of the evening BBQs during the summer! And I’ve found that ‘those’ lows have a harder time coming up! FUN!!
    What I’ve found that works (and it’s worked once, so find a grain of salt to take this with!) is to do a bigger snack that I would usually give her and shut off the basal for a good four hours.
    I’m sure it will all get figured out just in time for the first day of school!! UGH!
    Know that my left shoulder is twinging in sympathy…that’s where my stress lives! 🙂

  2. First off, I think writing those days out helps readers. If they are new to “D”…they know they are not alone, they learn this is “normal.” Also, I think it is a wonderful way to document the amount of “behind the scenes” that goes into management.

    I am SO WITH YOU on the summer blogging. I am hanging on by a thread. We are headed out on vacay and my step father’s health is failing…so I may be MIA in a week or so. Have fun with your boys. Enjoy the summer. Catch-up when you can. You are doing an amazing job as a Mama and a Temporary Head Pancreas In Charge. Love you.

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