Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

It’s Thankful Thursday and today I want to share our vacation and the role that d played . . . and be thankful!!

Summer has been great for the Lederer family.  We have been swimming, gone on vacation to the most magnificent Gulf Shores, Alabama, we had a visit from family in Baltimore, we have laughed, been bike riding, played ball outside . . . it’s been relaxing and just simply good.

And d . . . it has actually cooperated.

The first two weeks after school was out were really, really tough.  Basal change galore with the change in schedule or summer’s lack thereof.  And it’s a slow process, changing one at a time and waiting three days before changing something else.  But it was worth it.  All good after adjustments were made.

Playing in the white sand (see his pod?)

And then we went on vacation.  I fretted a lot about blood sugars being crazy and out of control and had psyched myself up mentally for keeping a positive attitude and not letting it ruin our vacation.  And how did d behave on our seven-day venture to paradise?  P.E.R.F.E.C.T.L.Y.  I told Jason we were going to have to move to Gulf Shores.  His seven-day average 138.  His blood sugar was taken 77 times in that 7 days.  Eight of them were below range (10%).  Fourteen of them were above range (18%) leaving fifty-five IN RANGE (over 72%). But virtually perfect.  And what made it so perfect was that because of the continuous activity of the beach and swimming in the ocean, he was able to eat so freely, and I mean freely like PRE-dx!  God is good!

To spend time with him, I HAD to get in the ocean!

We only had one scary low.  The scariest low we have ever had.  It was Friday, our last day there.  We took lots of pics on the beach at 7:30a.  Beautiful morning, gorgeous.  Then we messed around the condo relaxing, laughing, enjoying each other.  Jason and I were so sleepy, wanting to take a little nap.  So we gave the boys strict instructions on the balcony (thankfully they were very heavy and hard to get open), put Ethan in charge and went to lie down for about 30 minutes.

We didn’t really sleep because the boys ending up in the bedroom playing around the bed.  😉  So we got up and decided to go down the beach.  I was in the bedroom getting my suit on and Jason opened the door, panicked and said, “He’s 46 and out of it.”  I threw my suit on and went out with Ryan, sprawled out in an over-stuffed chair, eyes open but not focused.  I rubbed his hand and called his name and there was little, almost no response.   Jason was grabbing a Capri Sun and an applesauce.  I was talking softly to Ryan, thinking this could be when he passes out, the first time.  As we were squeezing the Capri Sun in his mouth and instructing him to swallow, Jason said he walked into the room, looked at him and knew.  He asked him if he was okay and Ryan’s response was, “I don’t feel right and I don’t know what to do.”  He KNOWS what to do when he is low.  He was foggy and disoriented.  He was crashing.

Breakfast on the balcony with OmniPod

After the Capri Sun, we followed with the applesauce.  Overkill . . . maybe.  But at that point, waiting 15 minutes to test again was out of the question.  300 sounded better than a crashing 46.  He came up rather easily and in a very short time, he was looking better, speaking better.  He has no memory of telling Jason he didn’t know what to do and was actually a little offended by it like we were making it up.  He insisted he does know what to do.    After the scary was over and I had a chance to think, it was around two hours after eating lunch.  We went out to a restaurant and of course too many times, that involves guessing at the carbs on his plate.  I suppose I over estimated and he ran out of carbs before he ran out of insulin.  A little of the scary of the disease successfully averted.  A learning experience for sure.

And the pod, let me rave about the OmniPod system!!

On Friday before we left, we did a pod change.

For those you who don’t know, the pod is a disposable pump mechanism that is changed every three days.  He’s a boy.  And sometimes it gets knocked off prematurely.  Sometimes it alarms and errors out and we have to do a change early but this instance is usually very rare and OmniPod does replace these alarmed pods for free!

So, back to the pod changes on vacation.  We changed his pod on Friday before we left.  I fully anticipated with the body surfing, playing in the sand, the exposed pod with no clothing over it, the salt water that we would be doing a lot of pod changes.  I had ten pods with me and about four different kinds of medical tape/adhesive to reinforce if necessary.  I was OVER-PREPARED if that is even possible with diabetes.

And our pod changes went like this:

  • Friday before we left.
  • Monday afternoon. (day 3)
  • Thursday afternoon. (day 3)
  • Sunday afternoon as we were mourning not being on the beach with vacation over. (day 3)

Feeling a bit low so he had a little snack (we didn't even check his sugar!)

No extra adhesive was needed – not one time!  No pulling problems.  No knocking it off boogie boarding.  No loose adhesive.  IT.WAS.PERFECT.

But it’s been awesome.  And to follow it up, his mid-July A1C was 6.6!   Woo Hoo!  Could not have been better.

So today, even though vacation is over and school is just around the corner, I am thankful for such a wonderful d summer, especially vacation.  It has been a glimmer of hope even on the days that have been hard in the last week.  And Ryan will never forget it!


My VERY happy Boy!


Comments on: "Thankful Thursday . . . Vacation" (4)

  1. Very thankful, indeed!
    Amazing numbers, amazing pods-staying-on, amazing A1c, amazing FUN TIME with your family…with the exception of that low (yuck!) but glad it came up quickly and all was well!!

  2. Wow…what a wonderful summer Amy. The vacation numbers rocked. So sorry about the low…we have had a couple of those and they can be a bit scary. I keep waiting for the first time Joe is gonna pass out too…eery…but, I think it helps me to know that it can happen. It is like mentally prepping myself.

    Ryan is such a cutie!!!

  3. What a great vacation!!! I am so happy that things wen’t so well with D(aside from the low).

  4. So glad that you had a great vacation, nice bg’s and sticky pods.. 🙂 ..Congrat’s on the wonderful AIC. Sorry about the scary low.. Isaac has had his 2 lowest lows yet the past week! 38-37 Never been in the 30’s before…hope to never be again!!

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