Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

I missed my Thankful Thursday day for yesterday because I just lost track of my days.  But I am going to share my THANKFUL on Friday because it’s a good thing to recognize the small blessings and this actually did happen on Thursday (yesterday) morning.

I went upstairs to wake the boys for school at 6:15a.  I am NOT a morning person.  I wish school started at 10a and went until 4p.  That would be perfect for this momma.  But I went up, eyes half-open, not even brushed my teeth yet and to my surprise, Ryan and Aaron were up, had brushed their teeth and were almost dressed.  I laughed and asked what was going on and Ryan said he set the alarm and got up at 6:00 pm their own.

I looked over at the bunk bed that sleeps three (full on the bottom and twin on the top) and Ethan had slept on the top bunk but at some point had crawled onto the bottom and was still sleeping.  He looked so warm and comfortable and cozy, I just couldn’t resist.  So I crawled into bed next to him and snuggled up and closed my eyes.

I felt eyes like a laser peering through my brain like a super power that made me feel weird, and I opened my eyes to see Aaron, who is NOT a morning person and has gotten progressively more sleepy though this first week of school, staring at me, coveting my cuddle with Ethan and so sad as if I was taunting him with my spontaneous morning rest.

It broke my heart.  I said, “Aaron, do you want to get back into bed.”  And in a cry-like voice he simply replied, “Yeahhh.”  I did what any mom would do, I lifted the covers, patted the bed, and motioned for him to come and cuddle.  His eye lit up and moved with grease-lightening speed and nuzzled in like a puppy with a new blanket.

My eyes shifted to Ryan who was perplexed for a moment and then said, “Can I come too?”  And I grinned and said, “Absolutely” pushing my oldest over who was a tad annoyed that his sleep was being interrupted (he doesn’t have to get up until 7ish, later school start time).

Me and My Blessings

And there we were.  All four in a full-size bed.  Lying there perfectly still with the lights on and our eyes closed.  And it was heaven.

After a few minutes, Ryan, my time conscious freak of a child said, “Mom, we’re going to be late.”

And we laid there for a few more.

The boys weren’t tardy for the school bell, but we were a little late in our morning process that hasn’t quite been nailed down yet this year.

It was just a few minutes.  It caused Ryan to leave without his pdm and his morning snack that I had to run back up to school, but it was worth it.  We had a moment.  A lazy one.  And it was stolen.  But it was precious.



Comments on: "Thankful Thursday . . . Stolen Moments" (1)

  1. I love those morning cuddles too! So hard to catch those now with the school routine….glad you were able to. We are trying to adjust to the new school schedule as well.

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