Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Short and sweet today.  Lots to do on this RAINY (woo hoo!!!) Monday morning.

But I have to share this email and how prayer and a great school and God’s weaving that two families who have been struck by a disease can find help and encouragement in each other.

We were not made to be an island unto ourselves.  Isolation, whether from a business standpoint, socially, spiritually or through tragedy, we were made to need each other.  And I find it amazing how our own tragedies or struggles or hardships can be used to help others in the same or similar place if we just open our eyes and allow our experiences to be used in a positive way.

And email exchange from Friday between Mrs. M, Ryan’s teacher, and me:


From:  Mrs. M

To:  G, Amy Lederer

Sent:  Friday, August 26, 2011  10:47AM

Subject:  Recess Check

89 after a hot recess . . . we will check again if he feels like he is dropping . . . but we will have a lunch check in about 30 minutes anyway.  🙂


First of all, I have never asked to check after recess because of how his schedule works.

Second, the “hot recess” is because it’s near triple digits and they don’t let them go out if it’s over 100, but 98 and cloudless skies with Texas sun does make for lots of sweating, which in turn, drops blood sugar pretty quickly.  

Third, she not only sent it to me, but to the NURSE so she stays in the loop just because she is Ryan’s primary d-caregiver during the school day.  


From: Amy Lederer

Sent:  Friday, August 26, 2011 10:51AM

To: Mrs. M

Subject:  Re:  Recess Check

Thank you for checking.  You are the best


From:  Mrs. M

Sent:  Friday, August 26, 2011 11:09AM

To:  Amy Lederer

Subject:  Re:  Recess Check

I have to tell you if you come to pickup Ryan and he is missing . . . he might bve at my house!  🙂  I am so blessed to have him in class.  I can’t tell you how it helps me to see his happy, healthy, energetic self every day.  In a selfish way it give me such a comfort.  🙂


From:  Amy Lederer

Sent:  Friday, August 26, 2011 11:26AM

To: Mrs. M

Subject:  Re:  Recess Check

This just made me cry.  I’m so thankful for you.  I’m so thankful Ryan has you.  And it’s not selfish at all.  I prayed that you would find comfort in knowing life can be happy and healthy.  And I pray he learns uniquely from you this year as he is already feeling so safe and comfortable in your care.  And what YOU do for this momma’s heart.  Amazing!


I share this because I am moved by the idea that we are a comfort to anyone.  I am thrilled by the knowledge that we are making a difference to someone.  And I had to brag on my boy who shares the burden of this disease with such JOY.  But mostly I’m thankful for a teacher who just simply “get it” because she lives it.


Comments on: "Emails that Make a Difference" (4)

  1. What beautiful words! I’m thankful you have each other, what a blessing!

  2. how amazing that she says hes a blessing, yet you feel her a blessing to your son and your family. thats just a sweet example of gratefulness. sounds like Gods really looking after him.

  3. I think I want to steel her!! She sounds awesome 🙂

  4. This put a smile on my face this morning. Thank You. You bring comfort to so many…you and your stories of your family. Love you girl. xo

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