Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

I’m exhausted this morning.  There are some things that I should be doing, that I could be doing and all I feel like doing is sitting.  The house is quiet.  Jay’s at work.  The boys are in school.  I wish I could shut my mind down to sleep/nap for a bit, but napping, unless on Sunday afternoon with all the boys home, is not ever in the cards for me.

And why am I tired?

Diabetes.  We have fought too many lows (nothing severe, in the 60s and 70s) in the last several weeks.  Mostly during the day.  And I have been patient with that particularly last week with it being the first week of school to see what Ryan’s little body is going to do once he gets settled and adjusted to the school year and in a good routine.  But the last two nights, particularly last night, the lows have creeped in after dark too.

He was 82 going to bed Sunday night and he was 77 going to bed last night.  Sunday night, I just gave him a gogurt and treated as a low and checked him once in the night after his sugar went up over 120ish.  But last night, it was beastly.  I brought him downstairs to sleep on the loveseat in my bedroom because of the 77.  He had an uncovered 16 carb snack and went on to sleep.  When I checked him when I went to bed, he was only 86.  I gave him a gogurt and checked him an hour later.  He was JUST 100.  Now, on a typical day or night, giving him an uncovered gogurt would shoot him up about 60 or so points.  So, I backed off 25% on basals for three hours and checked him in two.  88.  I canceled that temporary basal and set a new on backing off by 30% until 6am.  Checking him again in about an hour.  Still under 100.  Juice ensued then.  Shoot that blood sugar sky high was the thought.  At 6am, he was 125.  Now I realize 125 is a good number, but he was short at least a quarter of his basal insulin all night long!

So, what’s going on?

He is getting less exercise being in school.  But we are eating better too – healthier.  Grilled dinners a lot and veggies and fruit more taking out fried and potatoes most nights and very little pasta (which I miss terribly).  Maybe diet in of itself is the difference.  Any suggestions, d-mommas?

Also, the last few days, Ryan has been very anxious.  Now, for those of you who read my blog, he has super support at school.  An ideal situation.  But why the anxiety?  The last two nights he has either come downstairs after bed or right before bed come to me and expressed anxiety.  He approaches very sheepishly, pulling nervously on his shirt and says things like, “I feel like I should be telling you something and I don’t know what it is,” or “I’m not keeping secrets from you but I feel like I am.”  THAT I cannot stand.  He keeps going over and over a little situation at school where he went in at recess to fill up someone’s thermos bottle and a teacher asked him what he was doing and he told her he was filling it with water, then decided to throw it away.  ???

Ryan is a pleaser.  If he thought that teacher frowned on what he was doing or thought he was up to any mischief, it would kill him.  But I keep telling him that wasn’t a big deal.  That he is ok.  And then I ask questions about the teacher being mean.  He insists not.

So my question:   Would his numbers trending lower . . . between 65 and 100 consistently for several days give him the jittery feeling of lows?

I love the idea that we would hit an A1c record low if this continues, but at what cost?  I’m ready to jack up his target numbers and lower his basals to have him run between 150-180 and see if it helps his nerves.  Does that sound insane?

Looking for a little d-momma input.


Comments on: "I’m Just Tired & He’s Jittery" (2)

  1. First blech on the tired. I feel ya sista!

    If his body is not used to the 80s, or low 100s it can be making him feel low. For sure. It took J a while to get used to being in the 90s all day, because on MDI that was considered low for him.

    I suggest maybe some basal testing. See if its a basal issue if not then id try lowering the dinner IC. Of course it could just be the way the stars are aligned this week.

    ((((Hugs!)))) Hope numbers pick up a bit and he feels more like himself soon!

    • Kids are complex little people, and throw in diabetes and the stress of beginning school, well thats alot for him to deal with. My eldest sons first year of school was a tough time. I too questioned him on , is your teacher ok with you, do you think she doesnt like you etc. At the moment hes asking to stay home on Monday because he doesnt want to do a singing performance on Monday because he doesnt feel good at it, or the teacher left him feeling a tad slighted! Who knows.

      On the D-front, do you think at school they are infact more active- mentally and physically at lunch breaks and the lows are a reflection of the active day? Also little boys… and growth spurts! I dont know, you have more D experience than me! Hope its just a phase and settles soon. You really do need rest.

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