Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Today I’m just going to list 25 Things I am thankful for today:

  1. My God who listens to this all too often wayward heart, hears my cries, meets my needs and protects my family.
  2. Jason.  My husband who loves me no matter what.  He is my best friend.  We dance through the minefields TOGETHER.
  3. Ethan, my joy, my taller-than-me 12-year-old who still texts me every day at lunch and kisses every morning when he gets out of the truck.
  4. Ryan, my miracle, my insulin-dependent brave child who does NOT let his body, the incessant numbers, get in the way of his being a little boy.
  5. Aaron, my bonus, who introduces himself as such who makes me laugh when I need it the most and loves nothing more than to cuddle under a blanket.
  6. My parents.  For their endless giving of unconditional love and their 40 year example of what a marriage is supposed to be through good times a bad.
  7. My sister.  For not just being my sister but also being my friend who listens, loves and laughs with me through the toughest of times.
  8. My in-laws.  For raising the love of my life and teaching him to be the hard-working provider, husband and dad that he is.
  9. My husbands siblings and their families who have from day one embraced me as a sister and longs to keep me in the loop no matter the distance between.
  10. My brother-in-law who loves and takes care of my sister and my nieces and keeps sending me invitations ever year to be part of his fantasy football league.
  11. My church for embracing us when we needed it the very most.
  12. My friends from my growing up years in Ft. Worth for standing beside me for 20+ years and showing a loyalty that I cannot comprehend.  You make me want to be a better friend.
  13. Rekindled friendships.  Just yesterday, I reconnected with a precious mom and just listened.  It’s good to know that friendships that begins on prayer lasts a lifetime (love you J.L.).
  14. For my Baltimore friends, my heart is always there with you.  Those who used to babysit me and saw the rotten p.k. I was and love me still as an adult.  You are the best.
  15. For facebook.  I know, really, facebook?  YES, it’s allowed me to keep in touch with those mentioned above those relationships that are vital to me now.
  16. For Ryan’s blood sugar average yesterday:  109 and 100% in range.  IT IS POSSIBLE.
  17. For the elementary school that Ryan and Aaron attend and the ministry of that front office, nurse, teachers, administration and secretaries.  I could NOT have done these last two years without you.
  18. For the VP at Ethan’s school who has creating a safe place and virtually hand-picked teachers for him this year that he might not only have a better year, but thrive in it.
  19. For adopted family, you know who you are, that I do not go to church with anymore but love me just the same.
  20. For forgiveness.  God’s and from loved ones and friends who love me in spite of my constant failures and shortcomings and allow me to be who I am, flaws and all.
  21. For my D-MOMS.  What in the world would I do without you?  The laughter, the empathy, the same-same . . . it is invaluable and a God-send for sure.
  22. For insulin pumps, in particular, for us, the OmniPod.  Technology that gives freedom, flexibility and tighter control so I might keep my Ryan happier and healthier.
  23. For a cooler day like today and rain in the forecast.
  24. For dark chocolate and white chocolate mocha lattes.
  25. For music that gives voice and words to my deepest feelings and touches my heart.
And the amazing thing . . . I could go on and on.  This list only took me about 10 minutes to write and there and there is plenty more to speak of.
Maybe I should do this every week . . . I feel good today.  I feel so blessed.  I have so much that I too often take for granted.

Comments on: "Thankful Thursday . . . 25 Things" (1)

  1. I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of #12 on your list. We share some moments that are truly some of my most cherished memories.

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