Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

D-momma, Take care of YOU

Of course I missed yesterday’s No D Day but I did start a post that I never finished so I’ll finish it now.

We moms can get so caught up in the dailies that we forget something very, VERY important – OURSELVES.  We get so busy with laundry, dishes, school, practices, homework, dinner, shopping, boo-boos, accidents, schedules, appointments, socials, church, work and everything else that we often forget to take time to simply take care of ourselves.  And then add D or any maintenance disease, condition or disorder and it’s doubly hard.   And so often the time in the day runs out before we even think of ourselves.

But the truth of the matter is that our families, friends and co-workers all depend on us taking care of ourselves.

And too often, we feel that making ourselves a priority or taking time for ourselves is taking away from our family or just flat being selfish.

But it isn’t . . .

And what happens, over time, is that we give and give, clean and go without sleep, throw our hair up, put sweats on with no make-up and totally forget to take care of the one that takes care of so much and so many . . . ME.

For several months, I have felt like poop.  It wouldn’t matter if I got a good night’s rest, if I grilled instead of fried, if I cut out responsibilities or activities to not be so busy, I still felt the same.  Used up and Run down.

I was failing.  I was frustrated.  I was fatigued.

And I was sad.

I was growing to like what I saw in the mirror less and less.

And not only was I cheating myself physically, it was beginning to take a mental toll.

So one Sunday, Jay and I had friends over for lunch that had just taken the Advocare 24-day challenge.  They both had lost weight and inches.  The both were feeling better and feeling more energetic.  And more importantly, they were developing new habits, good habits, habits I had gotten away from.

So that very next day, I ordered the products for Jay and me (supplements, good-for-you energy drinks, meal replacement shakes and the all important but awful herbal cleanse).

The 24-day Challenge looks basically like this:

  • 10 days of cleanse – not fasting, but fruits, veggies, grilled non-fat chicken meats, no salt, no caffeine, no dairy and no bread – NO FUN
  • 14 days of restoring your system and replenishing and boosting the good, working in to a normal diet
  • 24 days of exercising 30 minutes a day (at least 5-6 times a week)
  • 24 days of drinking 90-120 oz of water
  • 24 days of learning how to eat and take care of your body again

We are on day 13.  I will not lie.  The first 10 days of the cleanse were A.W.F.U.L.  I kid you not, I cried twice because I was hungry.  Because I wanted food that tasted good.  But because of my “partner in crime,” Jason, I stuck to it.  We only cheated once with about a cup of non fat, sugar-free frozen yogurt.

But the real kicker is . . . I have NOT had coffee for 13 days.  I was a 4-6 cup a day coffee drinker and addicted to White Chocolate Mochas from Saxbys or Starbucks.

And I’m walking and doing pilates nearly every day (sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes both).  I’m sleeping better.  I’m waking up easier.  I feel the best that I have felt physically in a long, long time.

And, as of today, I’ve lost 13.2 lbs and lost a total of 10.5 inches (that’s measuring arms, hips, legs, etc).

But here’s my point.  We have to do this for those we love and for ourselves.  Gary Chapman in The 5 Love Languages talks about “filling up our love tank.”  And when the “tank” is empty, there is no love left to give.  It’s the same principle with us as moms, if our “tank” is empty, we have nothing left to give and we run on empty and we become tired, angry and bitter.

So, how do you fill up your tank?  Maybe your thing is not physical, like me.  Maybe you are in great shape.  Maybe you aren’t but your satisfied with where you are and it’s not what is keeping you from being the best you.  Maybe it’s just some “me time.”  Maybe it’s neglecting something you love to do or a hobby that you miss so much that you begin to be resentful of that passion lost.

What do you love?  To exercise, read, paint, write, shop, scrapbook, garden, decorate, craft, dance, play an instrument, sing, organize, fund raise . . . whatever it is . . . do it. Take care of you.  You will feel better.  You will love yourself more.  Your family will love you for it!

And after all, you deserve it!  You take care of others . . . so now, start taking care of you!

A friend recently told me to be PROUD of my progress because I have worked so hard . . . so here you go!


Comments on: "D-momma, Take care of YOU" (2)

  1. thats fantastic! congrats you guys are doing awesome. they say new habits are formed within 30 days, you are almost there!!! i know exactly what you mean, and i feel that, burned out, tired, exhausted mentally and emotionally, and well physically too. i dont like who i am or what i see lately. its terribly hard to break out of that funk. good on you for actually DOING it.xx

  2. Way to go!!!! I have been debating what to do. I have been neglecting myself big time. I hadn’t heard of the 24-day challenge. I need to give it some thought. I’m impressed and inspired by your progress!!! 🙂

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