Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

It’s been since the fall that I have posted on this blog.

And it’s NOT because Ryan does not have diabetes anymore.  (I actually chuckled when I wrote that.)

And there’s really not just one reason for my absence.  In fact, there are many.

But first I should just give a brief rundown, an explicatory timeline of sorts, to let you know what’s been going on.

October 26th was my last post.

ImageOctober 31, 2011 – We trick ‘r treated and we had a low or two that was welcomed because he just grabbed candy out of his bag.

ImageNovember 14, 2011 – Ryan and I did a big educational day in his school class for WORLD DIABETES DAY.

ImageNovember 24, 2011 – On Thanksgiving, we (Jay and I) dressed in our Ravens gear and watched them beat the San Fransisco 49ers.

ImageDecember 17, 2011 – We CELEBRATED two years of successful care of Type 1 Diabetes.  We reflected on where we were, what we have learned and who we have become because of and in spite of diabetes.

ImageDecember 22 – 31, 2011 – We flew to Baltimore (no diabetes issues in the airport/with security whatsoever in either direction) to see Jason’s family and also spent a few days in Jersey with my sister

January 6, 2012 – Endo appointment and a hard A1c 7.8 (just writing that makes me feel naked).

January 11, 2012 – Jason was offered and accepted a position in Westminster, Maryland.

January 27, 2012 – First day at the new job

****Important to note that Jason was in Maryland and the boys and I were in Texas for 15 days.  Longest 15 days of my life, for ALL OF US!!!


February 11, 2012 – We moved from our home in Murphy, TX to Westminster, MD

February 28, 2012 – First day in a new school WITH A NEW NURSE

March 21, 2012 – First appointment with a NEW ENDO (A1c not so good AGAIN 7.9 but I will blog and explain all that later)

ImageMarch 25-26, 2012 – I had a visit from my wonderful D-MOM FRIENDS to lift my spirits (with all the adjustment) and just coming to my rescue when I needed them most.  And I must quote Tina Bell as I look at this picture and am so thankful for the friends they are, “If not for diabetes . . . ”

ImageApril 21, 2012 – Our first JDRF Walk for a Cure in Baltimore, MD

ImageApril 27-29, 2012 – My sister and nieces DROVE to see us for the weekend.  First time in a long time we were close enough for her to drive to me.

A lot has happened (this definitely isn’t all).  We have gone though so many changes . . . so many adjustments . . . adjusting still.

But one thing remains the same – Ryan still has Type 1 diabetes.  The disease still continues to throw us curve balls, teach us about ourselves, test our strength and make us proud of one another for the courage, resolve and compassion shown in the face of such an exhaustive disease.

So I figure, it’s time to get back to writing.

It’s time to pick up on keeping the record of all our victories.

It’s time to continue to share, support and educate about our journey with Type 1 diabetes.

It’s time to again EMBRACE DIABETES.


Comments on: "It’s Been Awhile . . . Too Long" (2)

  1. Krista said:

    i’ve been patiently waiting to hear from you this way…. i know you’ve had a lot on your plate than the usual day in and day out life with 3 kids and D tagging along. love you!

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