Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease


I know this week is Diabetes Blog Week. And I wish I had planned a little better to participate.  Shame on me for not doing so.  But know I support the DOC and all who have participated . . . and have enjoyed reading!!

But I have a victory to share.  A small one but BIG in our eyes because we have fought it for two and a half years.  And truth is, with diabetes and so many variables, we may never win it again!

With diabetes there are “trouble foods.”  Foods that even though we may know the exact carbs and consume that amount, Ryan might have serious spikes or delayed spikes or a low then a spike or a combination of those.  Some foods are pretty common.  Some people struggle with different foods.  It’s all about how the body breaks down the food and how quickly, and the other variables that always come into play, like exercise around the time of eating and anything and everything that might effect blood sugar.

Ryan’s main trouble foods, that we know of right now, are pizza, italian pastas, ice cream and the “devil’s food” – french fries!  We don’t stop Ryan from eating these foods, but we know ahead of time that these four are his worst to control and vigilance, extra vigilance, is necessary when he eats these.

Last night, after a “Monday” of a Tuesday, I decided to order pizza.  We have pizza enough that I try different dosages all the time to try to figure it out.  Papa John’s for a large cheese pizza is 40g carbs per slice.  Ryan eats two pieces, crust and all (he dips in Ranch).

His sugar when he ate dinner was 91.  He bolused for 80g carbs and extended his bolus, 40% for three hours.  Which means we gave him 40% of his bolus at dinner and the other 60% was to be delivered at a steady rate for the next three hours.  We allowed the PDM to reverse correct or take insulin away, to get him up to 100 (he was just at 91) and then he consumed his pizza and was a happy boy!

At bedtime, two hours later, he was 77.  He wanted peanut butter crackers.  So he bolused for the 24g carbs and I bypassed the reverse correction to get him back up to 100 because I knew the pizza was still working (pizza tends to work for at least five hours, hard for the body to break down because of the fat and  complex carbs in the wheat of the dough).

A little after 11p, when Jason and I went to bed, he was 91.  Now, normally, that’s too low to go to bed on.  I would AT LEAST back off on his regular basals (inulin delivery) for a few hours to bump him up or give something like yogurt to get him good and over 100 to insure a good number with no drop all night.  But, pizza still on board.  I did nothing.

I got up at 3a and checked him and he was 149.  I did nothing.  His normal range is 80-150.

Then at 7a this morning when he wok up, he was 93!!!

WOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Can you hear me yelling from there.  V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.

Now, what I must add was that Jay and the boys went outside and played for about an hour after dinner which I am sure was a contributing factor.  BUT STILL . . .

I was happy, Ryan was happy . . . and I just wanted to share!

Good Wednesday!!!Image


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