Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease

Ethan’s Question

My amazing 13 year old. He is so stinkin’ tall!!

So, my 13-year-old, non-diabetic son walks in the kitchen while I am making dinner and begins to pour himself a glass of milk.

And rather nonchalantly asks me this question:

“Mom, if you had one wish, would you wish that Ryan never had diabetes . . .

And I stopped dead in my tracks, looked up at him and thought, what kind of a question is that?  And before I could answer, he continued:

” . . . or would you wish that Ryan didn’t have diabetes from right now on?”

Still frozen and silent, trying desperately to process my thoughts as he still has not made eye contact with me and is now working to guzzle a very large glass of milk in one breath.

As I open my mouth to respond, he says:

“I was just thinking that I would wish for him to be cured now, not wish he never had it.  We have met so many awesome people that we would have never met without diabetes. Plus, who we are as a family and all that we have learned, it would all be different if he never had diabetes.  You know?”

Then he immediately asked to go to the park with his friends before I could even comment.

Better that way I guess.  He doesn’t always need to see his mom well up with tears.


Comments on: "Ethan’s Question" (7)

  1. Totally crying over here!

    Q has said to me so many times that she doesn’t want a cure for diabetes because we have gotten to do so many things because of it and met so many people. She wouldn’t trade her positive experiences for the world. I never know how to react to her statements.

    She says if there was no diabetes there would be no diabetes camps. I assure her we would find other fun things to do.

    These children (both our children with diabetes and their siblings) are wise beyond their years and have a perspective and acceptance that I don’t think we, as adults, could ever harness.

  2. Wow. That’s quite a young man you have there.

  3. He is something else. Isn’t he? (((HUGS)))

  4. Aw, what an awesome kid

  5. Phyllis Walls said:

    He just keeps amazing … ❤

  6. Chills!
    I think that would be my wish, too. Would trade any of the friendships we have now for those thousands of finger pokes!

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