Embracing Life & the Child with the Disease


IMG_4404We are a family of five . . . Jason, me and three wonderful boys, precious gifts from God:  Ethan, Ryan and Aaron.  Ethan is our oldest, “our joy.”  For five wonderful years he was the only child, Momma’s boy, Daddy’s buddy and a true prince to all who knew him.  But he was lonely and longed for a sibling.  We tried for nearly three years to give him his wish.  And after four miscarriages, God gave us “our miracle” in Ryan.  So many prayed along with us for this second child, but many “forgot” to stop praying after he was born.  So, God gave us our third boy, “our bonus,” in Aaron who was born just 10 months and three weeks later.  Stop doing the math . . . it is possible!

On December 17th, 2009, Ryan was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.  It is a gut-wrenching blow to hear that your child, for the rest of his life, will have to endure four shots a day along with at least four finger pokes to test his sugar, will have to be on a constant carb diet and be on the constant look-out for highs and lows in his sugar.  Most do not realize what a daunting task for the entire family and how overwhelming this auto-immune disease really is unless they have lived it or witnessed it first hand.  It is so often confused with Type 2 diabetes when in all reality, the two are very different.

Jason and I were desperate in the early days and even now, five years later, to find encouragement and hope and tools on how to care for Ryan in many forms.  But what we have found is that when research, there is often so much negative about the disease and how bitter people with Type 1 and caring for Type 1 has become about life and limitations.  We are determined for Ryan to have every opportunity to succeed in life doing whatever his heart desires with our help and the grace of God.  We want him to live WITH diabetes not be GOVERNED by it.

So we decided we would blog our journey – give a real life account – sharing the accomplishments, struggles and what we learn with any and all who care to read and try to give glimmers of hope and encouragement along the way.  God has already been so good . . . provided so much protection and strength.  And we hope to glorify Him and share how a family, the entire family, can bond together and be victorious and strong despite our circumstances.


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  1. JASON LEDERER said:

    Ryan is such a blessing to our lives as are our other boys. We want him and others living with diabetes to have a positive place to come and get encouraging/uplifting stories of people who are embracing the struggle of diabetes and living productive, healthy lives. Although he is counting carbs, following his sugar levels, taking his shots (things that most 5yr old’s don’t have to worry with), he still see’s all of the beauty in life in a way that only a child can. Ryan has diabetes, but diabetes does not have him. We will do everything we can to keep it that way.

  2. I think you have a great idea and applaud you for creating this blog! I’ve had type one diabetes since I was six and made lots of mistakes. I recently created a blog in hopes I can help other diabetics not make some of the mistakes I made as a child. I suggest you take a look at http://www.lifestyleofdiabetes.com! I wish you the best! And I love comments also! 🙂

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